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No Choice

I am pro-choice but this post is not about abortion.

The word choice has been thrown around casually by the more liberal of my colleagues and friends of late and it is becoming increasingly frustrating. 735 more words


Matt Forney Calls Transgender People 'Completely Insane' and Accuses Nickelodeon Show of Promoting 'Cuckolding'

In a recent appearance on an online radio program, manosphere blogger and professional troll Matt Forney lashed out at the transgender community and accused a recent Nickelodeon sitcom of promoting “cuckold fetish” themes to children.  748 more words


Girl Scouts pull in $260,000 after donor says no money for transgender scouts

WATCH: A Girls Scout chapter has been rewarded with a sweet surprise after making a controversial decision. NBC’s Eric Wilkinson reports.

Girl Scout leaders in Washington state have taken the values of “courage, confidence and character” to heart, turning down a big chunk of cash from a donor who wanted to discriminate against transgender scouts. 580 more words


United Rainbow States of America

I wasn’t planning on writing about the US legalising gay marriage. This is not because of lack of interest in the topic, but because it’s too much of a trending topic at the moment and everyone has an opinion about it. 1,019 more words


Airboy Crashes and Burns with Transphobic Second Issue

Airboy flew high and then crashed in just two issues. The series by James Robinson and artist Greg Hinkle is a meta take on reviving a golden age hero comic. 1,335 more words


The New Oppression Olympics

Today in religious persecution, hardware store owner and Baptist minister Jeff Amyx has been getting some attention for putting a sign in his store window which reads, “No Gays Allowed.” 969 more words