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On Trans Day of Visibility

Humans have a need to define everything in black or white. If you happen to be red or blue, you simply don´t fit in this system. 655 more words


"If you want an Oscar, they give those for supporting roles."

TRIGGER WARNING: ableism, racism, white entitlement, transphobia


I have had a radical shift in thinking. A radical shift that is also a continuation of the path I’ve been wandering, a fitting in of a puzzle piece that was waiting to be placed there. 884 more words


Can Pedophileophobia be far behind?

Yeah, that would be the unfair, discrimination, distain or prejudice toward child molestors and school yard weenie wavers.

The current fad is to disparage anyone who disagrees with your politics, religion or lifestyle to be a +phobic. 412 more words

National Politics

Thoughts on Jamie Foxx & Kris Jenner

Anyone who has followed the life and career of #JamieFoxx would know he is far from a hateful human being and takes no issue with gender identity or expression, even dressing up as a woman early in his career as one of his most well known characters. 249 more words

The Black Community

I May Be The Women To Tell The World Transwegians Are Just Like Other Girls

Hey everyone. I am about to make an announcement which may come as a shock to some people. So before I make this statement I would strongly advise those of you who are having a cup of tea or coffee to stop drinking or you may get stains on your working clothes… 981 more words

Gender Identity

Later, another young man approached me in a gas station parking lot. He put his face near mine and whispered something about my absence of facial hair before reaching to grab my crotch.

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I don't need "clarification," Governor Pence. Indiana's RFRA is state-sanctioned discrimination.

In what the Indianapolis Star calls “the deepest crisis of his political career,” Mike Pence, Indiana’s Republican governor, continues to support his state’s recently passed Religious Freedom Restoration Act. 1,008 more words