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I'd Ask You To GO But We Never Invited You Anyway

Another day, another attack on Bruce Jenner.

And this time from a magazine that prides itself on being for the LGBTQ community. Oh excuse me, for the lesbian community. 504 more words

Buy Fashion A Magazine! Preview included here!

Hiya Darlings!

Fashion A as a magazine is now available for purchase and I sincerely hope that you, my fabulous readers, will show your support by getting yourself a copy. 87 more words


tracking feminist twitter's response to a transphobic radfem hit piece against laverne cox

Laverne Cox, along with several other women, recently appeared in a nude photo shoot for Allure Magazine, which was perhaps the first time that a woman who is openly trans had been included in such a feature in a women’s magazine and was widely hailed for this in progressive media, especially given the context in which trans women of color like Cox are forced to negotiate the complex intersections of racism and misogyny in the patriarchal world we inhabit. 331 more words



For many people around the world, being the gender assigned at birth is not how they see themselves. They see themselves as the other gender in the binary, or in many cases outside the binary. 657 more words

Equal Rights

When good people say bad things

Saying something racist or homophobic is a bit like taking your eyes off the road for a second when you are driving and clipping a pedestrian. 289 more words

Culpepper, DMV settle lawsuit

DMV ordered by court to get rid of transphobic policy

ANDERSON — Chase Culpepper and the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles have settled a lawsuit that should have never even happened. 849 more words


'The Last Shall Be First': Call Out Culture, Faith and Feminism

I have been thinking, a lot, about ‘call out culture’ recently: as a Christian and a feminist, there is a tension that exists between challenging the entrenched norms that perpetuate oppression, and practising the grace and forgiveness I am called to. 1,195 more words