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Sometimes the thoughts we wish to wear on our sleeves,

we practice attaching to nets underneath.

And we find that piercing them through actually leaves… 10 more words

Creative Writing

GOP Finally Has Tool to Repeal ObamaCare


Over the next two weeks, while Congress is in recess, the House and Senate will begin to hammer out small differences between the budget resolutions that passed each chamber.

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Government innovation requires shift to value creation 

Virtually every local politician and community business leader promises two things: jobs and lower taxes.

This goal is used as a rationale for state and local funding, corporate tax breaks, economic stimulus packages, and capital investments on behalf of both elected officials and public-private entities. 539 more words

Common Wealth

Confirmation bias is everything in the working world

Here’s a good article from Fast Company, including this quote:

In a nutshell, people will interpret your current behavior in a way that makes it consistent with your past behavior, and they will tend to play down or completely ignore evidence that contradicts their existing opinion of you.

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Fundamental Explainers

Labour, Big Picture & Betrayal.

Please Look At The Larger Picture.
This week Pat Rabbitte of Labour was slamming RTE (LINK) airing matters related to the Irish Water issue. 879 more words


Authors and humility

There’s nothing inherently wrong with fashioning your public image the way you want to be perceived as an author, but onlookers are discerning. They know instinctively, often without being able to explain why they know, when someone’s posturing. 138 more words

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