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Responding to threats to our children

This past week, and young man who volunteered in our church’s youth ministry was arrested on allegations of child molestation.  It has rocked our community as well as our church. 701 more words

Christian Living

Welcome to the Wildwood

I am young, and I am full of burdens. I carry the burden of my past religion, telling me this is who God is and this is what He expects from you, nothing else will do. 446 more words

Dark Mori Girl

If I'm Being Honest...

Some days I feel forgotten

It’s hard to let that out

It’s a tough road I’m going

A road I’ve always taken alone.

I wouldn’t choose this life… 226 more words

Who Are We Entertaining, And Why?

I came across a post this week on Instagram that said, “I’m not responsible for who I attract. I’m responsible for who I entertain.” This made me think, because I’ve most definitely, like many of you, have been here. 737 more words


Part II: One Standard To Rule Them All

I suppose now is as good a time as any to let you in on a little humanitarian aid industry nugget that, so far as I can tell, has received zero attention from any of the major news outlets that allegedly cover the humanitarian sector: The Humanitarian Accountability Partnership (HAP) and People in Aid (PIA) are merging into a single organization. 1,275 more words


Legislative Proposals from the PAN, PRI, and PRD

By Pedro Valenzuela Parcero

In each election cycle, voters are subject to endless partisan propaganda by all political parties and, rather than providing clarity, it tends to confuse the electorate. 549 more words


It works both ways: American Think Tanks and Foundations Manipulate German Politics

As American pundits are discussing the Clinton Cash affair and worrying about possible undue foreign influence on U.S. foreign policy via donations to the Clinton Foundation,  830 more words

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