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Highly recommended to watch in HD.


The Straw that Broke the Camel’s Back

How often have we heard that expression? The idea is that camels were the desert packhorses. They took tremendous loads. But at what point does a load become so overbearing, that the beast of burden collapses? 458 more words

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The TransLink Plebiscite for Vancouver

Greater Vancouver is undergoing a plebiscite or referendum (it’s being called both) about whether to increase our provincial sales tax by .5% to cover upgrades to transit infrastructure. 735 more words


WATCH: Video of red-coloured liquid dripping from Translink bus goes viral

WATCH: A video showing a red-coloured liquid dripping from the roof of a 99 B-line bus is making rounds online. Courtesy: YouTube, Luka Jason.

A video showing a red-coloured liquid leaking from the roof of a Translink bus is going viral. 217 more words


PDT-31-Jeremy McElroy

Today on the show I’ve got Jeremy McElroy, an engaged citizen and as you’ll hear, a guy with a lot of feelings about what’s going on in his locale! 110 more words