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This is a drill to practice dynamic wall work. Divide skaters into pairs and space them out around the track. As the pair skates forward, one partner orbits around the other, moving from a side-by-side wall, to facing each other, to a side-by-side wall on the other side, to tractor-trailer position. 46 more words


Progress Update-Resurgence

Well, I was feeling pretty burned out the last time I updated, and I took a short break to recover from the joys of programming. I’ve come back to it with a vengeance. 133 more words


March 1, 2015 Vital Signs: A Letter Home

That was a recent winter morning here in the southwest quadrant of Vermont, USA, rare sunlight dappling the woods behind the house. Lately our days have started with temperatures at or below zero, typically without sunshine. 906 more words


'The Tangled Garden' *

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*the modern, gritty, winter version.

Which is not at all like the * 155 more words


Asking a New Question

I’ve spent months asking myself: What did I do wrong?

Why did my husband divorce me after 24 years of faithful marriage, the last four years following him across the country three times and leaving my job every single time? 415 more words

28 November: The Cambodian Border

Edward Abbey says that air travel is the annihilation of space and time.

If that’s true, then land travel does the exact opposite. Time slows to standstill as the unchanging landscape stretches on for miles through your one-foot by one-foot view of the world. 682 more words



In the few days that we’ve been back in Barcelona, I’ve noticed a few things and as a result, I’m remembering a few things. Things that I’m hoping will help me when we get back to Amsterdam Sunday night.   395 more words