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Here I go!

Off to Italy on the first of my Churchill Fellowship trips looking at how different countries approach post school transitions for young people with autism, ADHD and Tourette’s! 27 more words


Free to Not

Truth is, if someone had asked me that last day in Nebraska what my takeaway from the retreat was, there was one thing clear.

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Friday a home made burger day a pint in the pub day Saturday a waiting day a preparation day.


Annual blood sacrifice to the trail gods

Whew! So, after much web research, asking around, and creating a mega nerdy spreadsheet of trail races within a 500 mile radius, I think I’ve finally decided on the ones I’m going to run this year! 854 more words


E-I-E-I-O and peas on the floor!

I’m so excited about our road trip. Alan has to work, so Jack, Fiona, and I will be driving separately. I wish I could take my dog Billy, but she’s staying home with Danny. 308 more words


Thursday a home day a washing day a shopping day a grandchildren day. Friday a back to normal day??!! A reflecting day.



Today was the last of several days away in Cornwall. It’s been a nice few days of break; welcoming the refreshed perspective that a break brings. 417 more words