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Lost Prescription

OMG! So, I was on the phone with my Cardiologist’s office earlier. One of my medications was held up by the pharmacy because my script was out of refills, so I figured I better call in case the issue was because of my new name. 161 more words


Testosterone - Coming Soon

Hello Internet~

As the snow falls more and more everyday, I can’t help be get myself all kinds of pumped about this next week. I got called by the clinic here in Dallas that helps transgender people like me (broke and no insurance) get on their hormones. 244 more words

This Is Going To Get Messy

Already I realize exactly how hard this is going to be to come to terms with. Honestly, I’m not throwing my cares to the wind and seeing where things land. 692 more words

New website for the First Wednesday LGBT asylum seekers support and social group

The preliminary work on the new website for the First Wednesday lgbt asylum seekers support and social group has been completed and the site has been launched at… 57 more words


Writing...Something Is Changing

I’m trying to start writing again. I talked a little about it in the last post. It’s a little difficult to do. You have no idea how aggravating it is to write something, alt-tab into another window, go back, and find you have lost part of your work. 346 more words

Trans Orgasmic: Evie Eliot on Imagining a New Kind of Porn, Liberation, and Magic

Trans Ethics: How did you get into the sex industry?

Evie Eliot: The very short version is that I just sort of woke up one morning and said “I’m going to make porn”.  2,706 more words