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It Gets Easier

This is the truth about life and how it doesn’t get better for everyone, but hopefully after reading this you will see that the world doesn’t get better what happens is you become better at not allowing someone to put you down and make you feel like you’re not worth it. 95 more words

On Being Human: What this is all about!

Throughout our lives we are surrounded by bodies. Raced bodies, Queer bodies, Disabled bodies, Big bodies, Small bodies, bodies upon bodies upon bodies–an endless diversity of bodies–but the one commonality twixt each and every one of these bodies, is that we are surrounded by Human bodies. 130 more words

Ireland's Historic Day

A little bit like when Darth Vader threw the Emperor into the Death Star’s reactor and suddenly showed humanity and compassion, it seems as though the Irish are about to overwhelmingly vote in favour of marriage equality, ending years of religiously motivated inequality and injustice. 181 more words


Work in Progress

Today was the first appointment. I gotta say I love my doctor. She is young, friendly, cool with a sense of humor. She says if everything sails smoothly, it should take roughly 6-8 weeks to start HRT. 580 more words


Transgender & Multiplicity

A lot has been made of the connection between dissociation , dissociative identity disorder (DID) and being trans. I know quite a number of trans people who do suffer from at least some form of dissociation, as it is a response that can be elicited in even the most neurotypical people. 321 more words



God , please forgive for all my sins,
My heart is heavy as it comes to an end.
You always been there for me,
Now it is my turn to be there for thee. 135 more words