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Gender Neutral Bathrooms

This is going to be one of the few articles I write where you’re going to hear my opinion on this and hear my thoughts and feelings. 1,188 more words


How coming out as a transman improved my photo-genic qualities

I used to hate taking photos, but through some soul searching, and figuring out I was actually a guy I have found I don’t mind them anymore. 405 more words

#Explicit: Tyga Cheats On Kylie Jenner, Sends Nude Pictures To Transgender Model

According to LoveBScott, they received an email from an anonymous source which claimed that Tyga has been cheating on Kylie with a transgender model and actress who goes by the name  Mia Isabella. 293 more words


Today's PGA Blog Topic: Coming out. (some explicit content)

I believe one of tha hardest parts of being a member of the LGBTQ community is coming out. Some just don’t have the family support to feel safe enough to do so, others have families who could care less, and support them just the same as any other family member. 1,931 more words


Becoming Male (part 1)

For FtM trans guys, one of the things that is high up on the list of wishes is to have a masculine chest. This means a “boob-free” upper anatomy. 530 more words


Tyga's Nude Pics: True AND False

While Tyga isn’t denying that pics of his exposed ‘cub’ are authentic, he is saying (through his lawyer) they were maliciously attached to the story of the intended recipient by someone out to burn him. 69 more words

TED Talk Tuesday: What It Feels Like to Be Transgender

Lee Mokobe is a poet, who also happens to be transgender. With all of the talk about being transgender *cough cough Caitlyn Jenner* and the questions that have surfaced, I thought this poem may help to answer a few of those. 51 more words