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The Transformer

I am delighted that we have such a wonderful example of the Transformer in our world. I am speaking, of course, of the whole line of Transformer toys. 391 more words


Global Amorphous Alloy Transformer Industry 2015 Market Survey Study Analysis and Overview - QY Research

Research Report on Global Amorphous Alloy Transformer Industry 2015 Market Research Report. The Report includes market price, demand, trends, size, Share, Growth, Forecast, Analysis & Overview. 71 more words


Transformer l’Equipe

L’équipe est l’espace où se produisent les interactions, où s’échangent les histoires, et l’espace où se crée de la valeur. Chaque interaction laisse une trace dans l’histoire d’au moins deux personnes. 377 more words


Masterpiece Star Saber!!!

Today we have an actual Transformer! Hell, not just any one though, oh no…Master Piece Star Saber! For those not familiar with the character, he was in one of the final Japanese series, Victory. 942 more words


TEZ10/16 Transformer Board

Transformer board designed to use with TEZ10 and TEZ16 transformers. This one has 2 x 15V 500mA.

Can be used with my universal preamplifier module and bipolar power supplies. 6 more words

Audio Tunning

Warbotron Whirlwind!

Welcome back to another wild trip to the third party…We have Warbotron’s Whirlwind, or not-Vortex. I have to say, for third party naming, not too bad…The Warbotron adventure has been interesting, so let’s see what twist and turns this figure leads us through! 513 more words