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Global Digital Leaders

At Twice Reply, we are happy to support the Global Digital Leaders conference in Berlin this year. Highlights of the gathering are presentations from key people from across the industry, like Perry Hewitt, Chief Digital Officer, Harvard University, or Townsend Feehan, CEO IAB Europe. 16 more words



Is intoxicating. I’ve been dressing nicely, actually putting effort into how I look and suddenly, I see them. I catch them staring at me as I walk by with my head held high, looking through their windows as they pull up next to me at a red light. 208 more words

My Side Of Things

"Here comes 'uh-oh'...."

“Everyone has one. That feeling of here we go again, the trap we fall into, the moment of vulnerability.” -Seth Godin

While looking through Seth Godin’s blogs and trying to pick one that really sounded of interest to me, … 403 more words


Paula ... 

I had always heard people say that when you got older you stopped making new friends. I never really put much thought into it beyond that but will admit that it made sense especially as I got up into my thirties. 1,052 more words

A Piece Of Me

Business School Challenge!

Teaching how to avoid Air Sandwiches and use Kudo Cards will be the challenge for Business Schools programs in preparing the next decade’s leaders.

Business Schools have always been the kitchen to cook up the leaders of tomorrow. 1,029 more words


Lenten Voices: Synchronicity

Over the last twenty years, I have delved into deeper, more ancient understandings of the Christian journey, wandering in and out of an eclectic mainstream of traditions while steering firmly from my own tribal barque. 222 more words


A weekend of ancient magic...

Egypt – 1279 BCE

A clash of Ancient Egyptian magic and ruthless power
in the Silent Eye’s 2015 Spring Workshop

The River of the Sun… 98 more words

Ancient Egypt