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Volunteers hit the airwaves

On 22 January 2015  Caitlin, Christian and Rachael discussed volunteering on Radio Cardiff on the VCS Cardiff show.

You can listen to our interview here:



Gathers No Moss

This is not a sad post. Although the need for it saddens me. Coming out to my family did not all go well. I’ll take the blame for that. 155 more words


[Translate] Then, Again

Then, Again

Author: fonulyn

Translator: Min

Pairing: OnKey

Gãy chân.. . Hai lần. Hóa là điều tốt đep nhất xảy đến với JinKi.

Link to the original fic: … 5,295 more words


Stupidity reigns supreme

It’d obviously been a long hard winter in more places than southern Ontario judging by some of the articles in various publications recently.  I say that because sundry politicians, would-be politicians and ordinary citizens seem to have taken leave of their senses and… 429 more words


The truth

I want to write something deep and inspiring but instead I’m sitting here crying feeling like I’m staring over the edge of a crevasse and trying not to jump. 181 more words


Inside out....

this phrase has adopted an entirely new meaning to me. Have you ever put a shirt on inside out or even a pair of boxers and didn’t realize until later that they were being worn improperly? 212 more words

Stop, just stop

I wrote this in the throes of my ire immediately after reading the below Tweet and associated article , back on February 6, 2015. I deliberately let it sit, thinking I should edit it later after I’d calmed down and thought about it rationally. 487 more words

Identity And Discovery