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Transitioning (HRT Stuff): Perseverance

This week wasn’t bad! I’m about 30 minutes done with my shot this week, and I’m really quite proud of myself.

Last week’s shot was difficult and didn’t go the way I wanted, and some of that carried over into this week, I think, but this week I was able to get the needle prepped faster, and I did a few other things that I think helped. 505 more words



The word transgender has been all over the news lately. Most recently you may have had a two hour peek into Bruce Jenner’s life, or heard about the issues surrounding laws with using public restrooms. 1,179 more words

Fuck Yeah Femininity!

I thought of something to write about.

I’m the kind of guy who, when described in gender neutral terms as accurately as possible, you’d assume was a girl. 541 more words

I Respect Bruce Jenner- A Reaction to the Diane Sawyer Interview

Prior to today, I did not respect Bruce Jenner. I won’t deny watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians- it has been a fixture in my TV addiction for a few years. 566 more words


Trans Brilliance: CN Lester on Music, Psychology, Gender, and Activism

TransEthics: I’ve interviewed a couple of non-binary people in the past. How do you define “non-binary”?

CN Lester: I would probably say that I don’t define it — I think the very appeal is that there is no fixed definition — or, rather, than everyone has their own, and we respect individual interiority — that’s the whole point. 2,145 more words


"Oh my GOD, Diane!" - Brief thoughts on Bruce Jenner

The most delusional snippet of Bruce Jenner’s two hour – TWO HOUR! not even Richard Nixon got that much air time! – “interview” with the extremely accommodating, softballing Diane Sawyer who is now dead to me, was… 823 more words

Radical Feminism