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The best zir in the world...

“Where do we keep the mop?” Jeremy yelled from the kitchen. Quite frankly those are words I don’t want to hear. Neither of my kids ever volunteer to mop the floor. 268 more words


When will my mum understand I’m a guy.

Note before reading: Yes, I am Australian so we use Mum not Mom  hahahaha and I usually talk with my mum in Chinese (Cantonese) and English and she uses both languages too so some dialogue would be my understanding and translation of what we said. 630 more words


[INFO/ALT FACEBOOK] 22.05.15 Musicalul 'Death Note' - Showcase in data de 1 iunie / Musical ‘Death Note’ Showcase on June 1st

 Ghidul showcase-ului cu vanzare de bilete

Biletele vor fi puse in vanzare exclusiv pe Yes24, la 2 PM, in data de 26 mai (marti)!
Aveti oportunitatea de a-i intalni pentru prima data pe protagonistii din #DeathNote‬! 119 more words


DarkMatter at Stanford, an exclusive interview

Last Friday, DarkMatter, trans South Asian spoken word duo, performed at Stanford, where both Alok Vaid-Menon and Janani Balasubramaniam obtained their undergraduate educations. They have been active in raising consciousness about issues related to race, queerness, trans identities and violence in (and by) the United States, especially those issues pertaining to the South Asian diaspora. 892 more words


Missed it by that much.

It’s easy to dismiss those nagging paranoid feelings that linger in the back of your subconscious most of the time. ‘The universe is out to get me,’ ‘ 1,632 more words


May 22

So the past few days have been very busy! First my therapist appointment went amazing. He was supportive and told me all the steps. I will be legally changing my name to Matthew soon. 104 more words