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Caitlyn Jenner launches new column about her transition

The public speaker, activist and former Olympian has joined the Huffington Post as a contributing blogger.

Jenner is set to write a series titled, ‘The Real Me’, which will explore the issues facing and people of the LGBT community, … 260 more words


[STIRI/NEWS] 07.07.15 Se incheie filmarile pentru 'Lucid dream' - 'Echipa de vis' formata din Go Soo, Sol Kyung-gu & Kang Hye-jung/‘Lucid Dream’ wraps up its filming…Go Soo, Sol Kyung-gu & Kang Hye-jung ‘Dream Team’

In data de 29 iunie, la Gyeongju, Gyeongbuk, s-au incheiat cele 3 luni de filmare pentru filmul ‘Lucid Dream’.

Filmul ‘Lucid Dream’ are in prim plan subiectul visului lucid, un fenomen prin care o persoana care viseaza devine constienta in vis. 407 more words



Chap 1 : The First Day of High School

“Jungkook, thức dậy mau. Hôm nay là ngày đầu tiên đi học của con đó” – Bà nói như thét ra lửa… 3,101 more words


That time I wasn't treated well for appendicitis 

My mum took me to the gp and most of the male gp’s said it was nothing, it took the female gp(who is now my favourite because she actually cares) deciding that I shouldn’t be having constant “period pains”. 279 more words


Transgender rights are human rights

Gender identity is at the core of our being. We are all assigned a gender at birth based on the appearance of our anatomy. That gender assignment then goes on to define our lives. 824 more words

American Drea

Feminism? Ja, tack!

Jag har googlat, läst och tänkt över det här. Feminism, vad innebär det?

I ordlistan så står det något i stil med att feminism är kvinnors kamp för jämställdhet mot män. 1,384 more words