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My training plan this time around calls for every Friday to be an off day.

I have run enough this week and I deserve a break. 119 more words


So much running my feet started to bleed!

Bob Graham Round that’s what the focus is! A 66 mile loop in the Lake District taking in 42 of the biggest peaks and all in under 24 hours (well that’s the plan anyway). 593 more words

Bob Graham Round

Not The Brightest Idea...But At Least I Had Carrots....

Because clearly carrots fix everything, don’t you agree? I’m not even a big fan of carrots, but because I tell my boys they have to eat them it means I have to eat them too. 876 more words


And So, Rehab Begins...

November 25th, A Tuesday, yay track session! My absolute favourite.

I find nothing better to do than sprint and jump, 100 metre sprint that is, and triple jump. 569 more words


Fat or Inflamed?? Day 17 of 100

Today Julie & Billy talk about how inflammation is keeping you fat.

If your goal is weight loss (decrease fat) or to just get healthier then always treat the inflammation first. 99 more words


The Artlessness of Raising a Puppy

Awhile back, long before we brought Chara into our life, I picked up the book “The Art of Raising a Puppy” by the Monks of New Skete. 2,571 more words


An easy 10 miler through Stanley Park

Yesterday was the first big track specific session of the year. There were hurdles, spikes, and a whole lot of lactic acid. It was great! When I woke up this morning I was tired and I was sore. 41 more words