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Where My Journey Began

From the moment I picked up my first piece of iron in my highshool weight room I knew what I wanted to do.
I still remember it as if it was yesterday.. 347 more words


Why I'm training for vacation

I have three weeks between great adventures and I’m going to need every minute I can get to train for the next one. That’s right: I’m training. 317 more words


Football season and practice

Evening rains, travels and injuries have meant a loss in quite a number of hours of practice on the football pitch. With the open league season kicking off in June-July, our team has their work cut out for them as we race against time to garner as many hours of practice together. 348 more words


Everything Is Awesome

Running lately has been pretty good. I squeezed in 12 miles Friday morning.


I also almost ran smack into a goose on that run. Now that was terrifying. 447 more words


London Marathon 2015

I, like 250,000 (wow) other people spent my Sunday, clapping, wooping and hollering the names of people I had never met before as if they were my mates, as I stood at mile 13 of the London Marathon. 923 more words



For my first running injury  in almost five years, I waited almost four months to seek professional help. Not recommended.

I tried all the remedies for plantar fasciitis, which reared its ugly head the day after the… 407 more words