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How To Be A Morning Runner

Since I’ve been training for my half marathon, I have been playing with different times to run during the day. I started doing this because I’ve been getting in a slump after I come back from school and then I begin to dread trying to figure out when to go run, which means I would have to leave again after I’ve been going all day. 342 more words

A Man On A Misssion

Give a man a purpose and he will give you back honor, respect, and dedication without false pride, deception, and bloated and over used crap like “Hero”, “Savior” and “Peacemaker”. 106 more words

Training Tips.

My 5 Rules for Marathon Training

I believe the highest form of compliment is the type that comes from another asking for your advice. This type of compliment is one that shows respect, knowledge, and an approachability that should be admired. 811 more words


10km run around Hyde Park and Holland Park

If you are used to run around Hyde Park and know by heart any single path of St James and Green parks as well, you might want to find an alternative route for a 10km run. 156 more words

Training Tips

Winter Training: Head for the Hills

The phrase hill repeats probably doesn’t get you pumped to lace up those running shoes and head outside on these cold winter days. For most people it probably doesn’t make you eager to go outside even when the temps are agreeable. 133 more words

Winter Training

The X

5 cones are set up- 4 in a square and 1 in the center to make an X. Starting from the center cone the fielder sprints to the 1st cone to catch a pop fly then drop steps diagonally to the back cone, sprints to the center and transitions into a drop step for the back cone. 30 more words

FASST Performance

Great passing drill

This is a great passing exercise for 13 year olds and older and works on cohesion and cooperation. Once they have it down you can remove the cones and see how they do.