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Good Mornings

The good morning is a posteriorly top loaded hip hinge movement that works the whole posterior chain. This compound movement targets the spinal erectors, low back, hips, glutes, and hamstrings. 313 more words


How Long Does It Actually Take to Get Out of Shape?

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via - Greatist.com | by Nick English

Don’t let anybody tell you different—everyone has skipped a workout at some point. At Greatist, we’re firm believers in cutting yourself some slack and taking time off from exercise when you need to. 1,467 more words


Things I learned from the New Bedford Half Marathon: a race recap of sorts

Last weekend, after having three cancelled races (1 marathon, 1 twenty miler, 1 half marathon) I finally got to run a race! It was really fun-especially since I have been basically shunned by any and all races in my area. 1,223 more words


Things I Need to Work On

  • Biking faster
  • Not overcommitting to massively large projects that I can’t possibly do well in the time allotted
  • Actually, just ‘not overcommitting’
  • Recovery
  • Work stuff…
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Training Tips

How to prepare a bike race

Have you ever competed in a bike race? Are you planning to compete in one?

Well, here you have some tips to prepare your event and pass it successfully: 527 more words

Mountain Bike

The One Thing You're Not Doing Enough of at the Gym

via – Menshealth.com | by Dan John

Pushups shouldn’t be the only time you hit the floor. The key to a better body may be at your feet… 710 more words


Don’t Say Anything At All!

What’s the first thing you should do when the customer objects during your sales presentation?

When we began discussing objections we said that the first step in our model is to make a statement of empathy or understanding, for example, “I can certainly understand your concern.”  But there’s an earlier step you can incorporate after the objection and before you say anything at all, and if you can make yourself do it, you will find it to be incredibly effective. 378 more words

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