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5 Reasons You're Not Building Muscle

It’s a tough game! Day after day you push yourself to your limits, sweat, blood and all. Lets make sure you aren’t making these mistakes and that your efforts are giving you the return you expect. 697 more words


Humor in the Classroom... Do They Get It?

As we head into a 3-day weekend (some of us), I feel light. I wanna have fun and be silly to celebrate Independence Day!

And that has me thinking about silliness and fun in the classroom. 309 more words


AAR: CTT Solutions (Mike Pannone) Covert Carry class, Bethlehem, PA, 7/26-7/27, 2014

This was the sixth after action report I wrote based on a courses I took in 2014. The course was CTT Solutions Covert Carry class, which took place at the Bethlehem Police Department Range in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania on July 26th and 27th, 2014. 3,271 more words


Step #1 to Being Fit Forever

I love being asked questions by my family and friends (the ones who are trying to lose a few pounds from college, or are trying to reclaim their youth) about fitness rumors they hear. 353 more words


Where There Is [No Struggle], There Is [No Strength] - Part 1

To Push or Pull?

In this series I will be telling you why without struggle, there is no strength. What that really means is if you never have to try particularly hard, you’re never going to get better at what you’re doing. 591 more words