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Caffeine: Unravelled !

    Caffeine (trimethylxanthine), one of the most commonly consumed beverage. Everybody, ranging from office-workers, school going children, fitness-enthusiasts to serious competitive athletes are getting their daily dose of caffeine. 427 more words


Pepper Hits The Beach

We took pepper to the beach for the first time the other day and let her run free on her 15m long line. It’s a great tool that helped us to gain trust and confidence before allowing her completely off-leash. 73 more words


Changing it Up

Lately, I’ve noticed a decrease in my pace and an increase in pain in my left leg so I’ve decided to ease up. I mean, it’s only April 25 and I’ve run 65+ miles. 139 more words


It's been a while!

I have no excuse for not posting other than I completely forgot my password and I’ve never had a great memory. After having what can only be described as the bumpiest 6 months I’ve had in a long time, I can safely say I am back on track and getting in as much walking as possible, enlisting the help of my very good friends who are helping me and pushing me all the time. 187 more words

Swim, bike, run, repeat...

It’s been a good week, which started off with a run on Tuesday of 5.5km (three times round a park), in just shy of 36 mins. 449 more words


Identify your goal!

        First things first, you need to identify the goal you need to train for. It could be anything like weight-loss, hypertrophy training(bodybuilding), strength training, sports-specific training, training around injuries or decreasing pain and disability caused by complexities such as osteoarthritis.  186 more words


The Training Challenge

Its confession time. Or revelation time. Depends how you see it.

I am not the typical “Educationist”. I don’t have a PhD or a degree in Education or Psychology. 1,175 more words