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Overcome Your Fear of Failure

http://www.worldofsubliminal.net Are you afraid of failure?

Are you so afraid of failure that you don’t try anything new because you think that you might fail at it? 157 more words


It's Me, Your Subconscious

We need to talk.

The problem I have is with the food you’ve been giving me.

I mean – so much negative news… So many stories of scarcity and limitations… … 234 more words

Anxiety Disorder

How to Make Your Own Watermark Brush in Photoshop

Here is a quick little tutorial I put together on creating brushes in Photoshop and how to use one as a watermark!

Train Your Brain

7 Public Speaking Survival Tips

I used to be terrified of public speaking – now it’s natural and fun.

Dry mouth, fast heart, sweaty palms, blank mind – yeah I’ve been there! 629 more words


Safe and secure photo backup on the cheap!

I created a video on how to setup a simple backup workflow using some fairly affordable solutions.  Check out the video!

Train Your Brain

The Power of Your Mind

Change Your Life With MindMaster! Click for a FREE TRIAL

Many of us know about using the power of the mind to achieve our goals to get what we desire in life. 542 more words

Retrain Your Brain

Rejuvenate Yourself With Meditation

Meditation is more often associated with states of deep relaxation,
but it can also be an effective way to rejuvenate yourself and
boost your energy. Fatigue and sluggishness often result from a… 684 more words

Retrain Your Brain