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Bond is Back In The New Teaser Trailer For Spectre

The new trailer for Sam Mendez’s latest bond movie was released and it looks like the dark tone from Skyfall still remains. I for one am excited to see Christoph Waltz play a Bond villan. 7 more words


"Mad Max: Fury Road" tiene nuevo teaser trailer (VIDEO)

Tenemos otro adelanto lleno de acción en el nuevo teaser trailer de la película “Mad Max: Fury Road” protagonizada por Charlize Theron, Tom Hardy y Nicholas Hoult. 200 more words


'Shooting Clerks' Trailer For Biopic of Kevin Smith Arrives

This amusing black-and-white trailer dropped over the weekend for Shooting Clerks, which tells the tale of an underemployed college drop-out working in a convenience store in New Jersey, selling beef jerky and Slurpee equivalents to his more successful former classmates. 207 more words

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"The more you get hit the harder you fight. I get it." Southpaw trailer

What is it about boxing movies that gets us so excited?  The sport is all but gone from the public consciousness thanks to MMA, yet somehow we get a new boxing flick every couple years.   107 more words


"Pac-Man's a bad guy?" Pixels trailer!!

Well, well, well.  What have we here?  An Adam Sandler and Kevin James movie that actually looks worthwhile?  Say it ain’t so!!

As a life long gamer, this movie speaks to every ounce of my inner geek.   47 more words


"I always knew death would wear a familiar face, but not yours." Spectre teaser trailer!!

Skyfall.  One word brings to mind the best James Bond film ever made.  Spectre is the follow up to that film and will release in November.   38 more words


"This may very well be our last mission. Let's make it count." Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation trailer!!

Here it is, the first full trailer for this summer’s Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation.  While I really don’t like the title, I’m fairly certain this is going to be badass.   31 more words