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Trailer Time: “Imaginaerum by Nightwish”

If I had to make a list of my favorite bands, Nightwish would definitely be near the top.  Back in 2012, I heard about a film being released that featured music from their album “Imaginaerum” and I couldn’t have been more excited.  155 more words


Trailer Time: "Batkid Begins"

Back on November 13, 2013, one of the biggest events by the Make-A-Wish Foundation took place:  make San Francisco, CA into Gotham City for a day so that a young cancer survivor named Miles Scott could become Batkid.  141 more words


Trailer Time: "Survival's End"

It’s been hinted at for a while on the Power Rangers message boards and even by original Red Ranger Austin St. John himself that he has been working on a feature length film.  148 more words


Trailer Time: Minions Trailer #3 *MINIONS MINIONS MINIONS!!!!*

Because it’s Monday.  You need minions.  The movie comes out on July 10, 2015.  You just need to watch the minions. 6 more words


Trailer Time: The Witcher III - The Wild Hunt (2015) *Launch Trailer*


Gamers start your engines and prepare to re-enter the world of The Witcher.  For those of you with jobs and spouses, this game will easily suck up the rest of your 2015 gaming time with a game world so big that it makes Skyrim seem cute and dainty.   58 more words

Trailer Time

Trailer Time - Supergirl and DC's Legends of Tomorrow

New trailers for 2 of the biggest upcoming comic based TV shows have been released:


and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow…

DC Comics

Trailer Time: Supergirl

The television season next year will be on fire with comic book superhero action, both with returning shows and new adventures on the horizon. One of the biggest will be on CBS from the producers of “Arrow” and “The Flash,” and that’s “Supergirl.” Meet me after the jump for our first look. 30 more words