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Trailer Time: Entourage Official Trailer

It’s that time again.

A new trailer has emerged for the upcoming Entourage movie.

June cannot come soon enough. How I miss these guys. It will be great to see them all together again. 10 more words


Trailer Time: Fear the Walking Dead (AMC - 2015) *First look at TWD Spin-Off Series*

As season five of The Walking Dead comes to a close, America need not fear a year-long wait for more undead, cannibalistic action.  AMC, with the loss of Breaking Bad and imminent loss of Mad Men, has some holes to plug.   77 more words


Trailer Time: "Maggie"

These days the name Arnold Schwarzenegger is one associated to many roles throughout modern film.  He’s been a barbarian, a “Terminator”, a “Commando”, a twin, a “Kindergarten Cop”, prey to a “Predator”, and outside of film a governor.  191 more words


Trailer Time: Maggie

Surprisingly, this looks good. When one hears Arnold Schwarzenegger is doing a zombie film, one thinks more of Battle of the Damned than World War Z… 82 more words


Trailer Time: Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation

What is there to say? More Cruise, more guns, more speed and more explosions. Its the trailer we’ve all been waiting for and it delivers. Sit back and enjoy the full-throttle, guns-blazing, world-saving, bicep-flexing, ass-kicking glory.

Trailer Time

Trailer Time: "The Leviathan"

While not your typical trailer, a proof-of-concept trailer essentially shows the audience what the filmmaker hopes to accomplish if the film itself is actually greenlit.  “The Leviathan” trailer is one such trailer from director Ruairi Robinson, whose short “Fifty Percent Grey” was nominated for an Oscar,  and screenwriter Jim Uhls, best known for the films “Fight Club” and “Jumper”.  132 more words


Trailer Time: Pixels

I’m excited for this one. Pixels could either be one of the most entertaining films of the year, or absolute piffle. It looks like it will be silly, camp, outrageous madness and I’m very up for that. 47 more words

Trailer Time