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Trailer Time: Eva

A.I. films are very fashionable at the moment. 2014’s Autómata has been followed by Neil Blomkampf’s Chappie and Alex Garland’s amazing directorial debut, Ex Machina… 74 more words

Trailer Time

Trailer Time: House of Cards Season 3 Trailer #2 (2015 - Netflix)

The House of Cards phenomenon returns to Netflix this week (though it’ll be hard to top the shock value of the beginning of season two).  The Golden Globe winning drama that put Netflix on the creative map will see all 13 episodes of season three posted at 12:01 a.m. 71 more words

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Trailer Time: Mad Max: Fury Road

Finally, a Trailer Time for my most anticipated film of 2015: Mad Max: Fury Road, and doesn’t it look spectacular?! A new international trailer has dropped for the revamp of Mel Gibson’s dystopian franchise, and it looks amazing. 15 more words

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Trailer Time: White God

The unwanted will have their day.

Of all the Trailer Times I have posted, I think this one is the most important. I feel White God  60 more words

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Trailer Time: Top Five

Top Five doesn’t seem to have the best title, but does look to be a really important film. In a quasi-auto-biographical comedy about his own development, Chris Rock doesn’t want to be funny anymore. 40 more words

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Trailer Time: "Lost River"

As an actor Ryan Gosling has entertained a generation.  Now he’s looking to entertain an audience from behind the camera as a director for his debut as such called “Lost River”.  189 more words


Trailer Time: Final Fantasy Type-0 HD (JP Launch Trailer)

The day of the European release of Final Fantasy Type-0 is fast approaching, and as a lovely appetite wetter, the Japanese launch trailer was released yesterday for everyone’s viewing pleasure. 160 more words