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Chapter 16 - [The Brotherhood]

Written By: Paradox

Edited By: Tyhuko, 1jayds, Edet

Author’s Note:

Hey everyone, so I have just gained one more editor, 1jayds, he is a capable editor who will ultimately make the chapters better along with the other two. 2,550 more words


My welcome back rant: who we are

“I saw the journey of a thousand miles through the eyes of a man. Perhaps I stared too long at his soul which darkened with ash.

519 more words

Lessons Learned from Last of Us: How to Not Disappoint Your Audience

Major spoilers for the game Last of Us ahead.

I liked the first half of the game, and there were moments that I loved.  *coughcoughgiraffescough*.  Ahem.   593 more words

Thoughts: On Grief and the Handling Of.

*This was originally written solely about miscarriage, but this past week Himself’s people suddenly and tragically lost one of their own. We are reeling, and I know it’s nothing compared to what the surviving spouse and children are going through. 1,503 more words


Potholes, Patches and Pastiches

Pastiche- {pah-steesh}
a work of art that mixes styles, materials;
a literary, musical, or artistic piece consisting wholly or chiefly of motifs or techniques borrowed from one or more sources…
897 more words

Christian Walk

Girl on a Platter

Mangaka: Meca Tanaka

Alternative Title: Sara no Ue no Kanojo

My rating: 3.5 of 5

On a mountain overlooking a remote village, a dragon god lives in human form, eking out an existence on the small birds his toad-spirit servants can bring to him. 364 more words

Book Review

Love at first sight!!

In FireFly Valley by Amanda Cabot

The second Book in Texas Crossroads series brings back Rainbows End Resort and Greg and Kate as a background characters. 157 more words