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Showering Sarah

A few months back, if readers remember, I mentioned the idea of a couple’s bachelor(ette). After attending my own parties this past weekend, I will admit that I have grown immeasurably from the mindset of that post. 669 more words

Isaura Xavier de Campos now on www.bgallery.co.uk


I was born in Porto, Portugal, 1947. Always interested in Arts but followed a different career  for family reasons. Taught English during 35 years in a public school for children aged 10 to 15, but at the same time attended two art schools. 221 more words

Sechseläuten Part Three – The Burning of the Böögg

The parade participants end up in Sechseläutenplatz, the huge plaza in front of the opera house. Waiting to greet them is a huge stuffed snowman called… 507 more words



The directory below is for the information of anyone interested in attending rendezvous cultural events as well as living history/reenactment events in the Great Lakes region. 23 more words

French Canadian

Birthday Discordance

It was Lady P’s birthday today, so we had to indulge a family tradition and phone her at a very early hour to sing Happy Birthday as badly as possible to her voicemail. 249 more words


A to Z Blogging Challenge : N is for New Years all year around

A to Z Blogging Challenge Apr 16 N


I remember reading a humorous essay by PG Wodehouse on how one could practically celebrate New Year all year around because different cultures had different days marked as New Year. 326 more words

A To Z Blogging Challenge

A Traditional Jewish Wedding Created A Family’s Magical Wedding Ring

In traditional Jewish weddings, the marriage ring has to be completely round, made of gold with no embellishments. No diamonds or stones; just a plain gold ring. 831 more words