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It’s funny how traditions get started. For me it usually happens accidentally in the most unplanned ways.

I was a single, working mom so when my son was young, I needed summer child care help. 332 more words


Fourth of July

This Saturday night, the skies of Newport Beach will be alive with spectacular colors as the Fourth of July fireworks take flight. But what do you do during the day leading up to the fireworks? 339 more words

Orange County

Destination Wedding is not 'Owambe'

It’s wedding season!! (Well when is it ever not wedding season lol.) So I thought we could discuss something that’s been on my mind for a bit, well I ramble and you add your two cents lol. 1,326 more words


Why We're English

From our uncanny irony to the royal family, there are certain things that can only be labelled as typically English. Despite the merciless fate of miserable rain all year round and the tory government selling off the NHS, English culture has many elements that its people continue to celebrate and bear traditions to. 167 more words


Bagpipes Galore!

Love them or hate them Bagpipes seem to be associated with Scotland. I say that because I’m well aware that other countries play bagpipes too. I remember feeling just a little bit homesick when visiting the old Roman town of Jerash in Jordan and heard the sound of bagpipe playing from the amphitheatre. 186 more words




The format of the White Genocide Manifesto is by calculated intent designed to exclude and ignore the sophistries of establishment sanctioned “authorities.” Power systems both religious and secular throughout recorded time have invented and canonized Bishops, Priests, Professors, Historians, Propaganda experts, Word-smiths, Doctors in various alleged disciplines and a host of similar glorified prostitutes, for the specific purpose of befuddling, misleading, controlling and using the masses. 793 more words


A typical Turkish house and Evil Eye

Evil eye is critical part of decore in┬átypical house in Ankara’s old neighborhood. 17 more words