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Next for the classical revival?

What those who favor traditional architecture should do to promote its revival has been pretty much the subject of this blog for a number of years. 989 more words


“In Excelsis Deo”

This week I’ve been mistaken for Council leader Simon Cook twice. I don’t mind so much myself, but I hate to let people down. Both times though it’s developed into a pleasant, even memorable conversation. 751 more words

Canterbury Cathedral

Cortejo // Student parade

A couple of weeks ago we had what they call an “academic week” at the Universities here in Porto. When I first saw it on the academic calendar before coming here I thought it was a week of self-study, aka a week perfect for travelling to Cabo Verde (one of my big dreams). 256 more words


Intact Culture

Their culture has been passed on from generations to generations despite their migration to urban cities. It’s been more than 5 decades since Badjaos left Zamboanga and migrated to other places, yet, they still speak their own language and their children still learn their pure culture, they still don’t sit on chairs or go watch  movies. 172 more words

Understanding The Badjaos

Cliché Amour

Hold me close when the night draws in

and the dew drops form from the mist –

they make flowers glisten just like your lips… 277 more words



Okay, I’m back on my soapbox today.  I’m here to try to set the country straight and it means I’ll probably step on some toes again.   566 more words


The Groaning Cake

A small while ago, I asked some like minded folk I know for gift suggestions to take to a neighbour’s Baby Shower. I wanted my gift to be supportive and thoughtful, without being ostentatious. 1,174 more words