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Plastic Memories Anime Review

Genre Tags: Sci-Fi, Comedy, Romance

Seasons/Episodes: 13

Synopsis: After failing his college entrance exams, 18-year-old Tsukasa Mizugaki is offered a position at the renowned SAI Corporation due to his father’s connections. 630 more words


A Strange Dichotomy

This morning I made my family blueberry pancakes, some in the shape of a three for my sons birthday. We then cleaned up the house and prepared for the arrival of my parents and sisters for a birthday party. 140 more words


Prayers for Rain

Praying for rain is a past time during the long period of years between droughts.

And as the maxim goes – be careful what you wish for. 179 more words

In less than a minute, life forever changed.....

The 7.8 earthquake that hit Nepal on April, 25th, 2015 is said to have lasted for almost a minute. A minute that felt like hours. A minute that has changed life in Nepal forever. 433 more words

Bible Study

In the Blink of an Eye

Today, marks one week since the major earthquake that shook Nepal. Since then there have been numerous aftershocks. Which they say is normal, but none the less frightening. 608 more words


When life throws a bottle of vodka at you...

If you’re confused by why this post is called this, it’s because around a month ago I was hit with the Cryptowall ransomware and had encrypted all my lastest and oldest projects I’d been working on for my big comeback to youtube but alas I’ve been set back a couple of months of hard work just because some lazy fat drunk russian basement dwelling virgin who thinks he doesn’t need to work honestly and mooch of people with a very complex currency and malware come along and pissed in your face with a ton of encrypted files and a ransom note. 49 more words

From New Hampshire to Nepal.

By this time most people have become aware of the  tragic 7.8 Magnitude Earthquake that hit Nepal. As I watched the situation develop yesterday,  I struggled with how to process what had happened. 277 more words