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The Emotional Roller Coaster of Being an Adult – Who Knew It Would Suck?

I was always a sensitive kid. At least I think so. I considered others feelings. I tried to befriend everyone. I never liked leaving anyone out. 1,028 more words

Multiple Sclerosis

Cloud coverage- pt. 2

The news of his brother’s sudden death continued to gnaw at Charles with icy teeth. His pain sat on his rib-cage, making each breath a laborious feat. 902 more words

Plane Crash in Thailand

Plane crashes into River

Sadly people died in a plane crash.


Cloud coverage- Pt. 1

The temperature had dropped in the night, and Charles woke with a chill crawling along his legs. His wife vacated her side of the bed without his notice, but now a faint light caught his attention from down the hall. 880 more words

Laugh Therapy

Behind most comedy lies a painful truth.


The Power of Words

Happy 2015.  I would say happy New Year except for me my new year is already a quarter over. My new year begins on my birthday, which is August 30 – the day I arrived on mother earth.  602 more words