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Trail of Toys

My son is full of energy and now I know why my mother laughed when I said he seems to only want to run when he figured out how to stand on his two legs.   264 more words


An Open Letter to Kinder Joy India

Dear Kinder Joy India,

I’d just like to say that your new Kinder Joy for Girls and for Boys, is a sore disappointment in the breaking down of gender stereotypes. 220 more words


Styrofoam Meets Food Processor, A Cautionary Tale

I found a couple of large styrofoam inserts on the curb one day.  I thought I could chop them up and use them to restuff  42 more words

Pumped for Purim

Israeli super hero Purim costume

Tel Aviv is pumped for Purim as illustrated by the 99 cent crap stores turned Purim costume crap emporiums.  As this is my first Purim in Israel the pressure is on. 194 more words

Feedback from 1st Rush

After we had finished our first rush, we were asked to present it to the class, and recieve feedback from both our teacher and classmates. In general the feedback we recieved was positive, although there were several areas in which we could improve, the main feedback points we were given were: 324 more words


5 Viral Videos From 5 Different Decades

Article By: Jeff Askin, Community Manager at Veed.me

How advertising works to reach consumers is truly amazing. In 2014 alone companies in the US spent hundreds of billions of dollars on video advertising. 554 more words