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Dakota Johnson Joins ISIS on SNL

Last night, Saturday Night Live did what it does best — create a joke out of a current event or situation. Nine times out of ten, I find such sketches to be hilarious and tell everyone that thinks otherwise that they’re being¬†too sensitive. 76 more words

Pop Culture

Did SNL Cross The Line With Dakota Johnson ISIS Skit? Funny or Shocking?

Saturday Night Live made a parody of a Toyota Camry commercial in which a young girl is driven to the airport by her father to head off to the army. 52 more words


North Texas Snow Day(s)

Well, we’ve now had our annual visit to the frozen tundra and I think we’re all ready for it to go away already! ¬†Clearly, most folks I talk to around these parts are ready for it to warm up!

Typical Weekend

Most weekends look like this. Fixin’ up the Double D until we deem road worthy. River of course, supervises. All walls done, most electrical; lighting, ceiling done, cabinets going in now. 160 more words


Has The Legend Lost Its Shine?

Toyota is currently selling what is the eleventh generation of its famous Corolla. Reflecting on this fact, the question that emerges in my mind is; has the eleventh generation come in as more of an eleventh place rather than a champion for the eleventh time? 1,370 more words


futurbility News 9/2015 - Apple, Samsung SDI, Magna, Australian Law Initiative, BASF and more

Is the electric age about to come? – The entry of Apple into the electric vehicle market may be a tipping point towards electric mobility. Apple is a “critical mass”, Steve LeVine says, and this could lead to a new automotive era. 461 more words


Cabover Redizzle

RV remodel 101:

Take everything out.

Check for water damage, anything that needs replacing, check structure etc.

REDO cabover!

One of the first structures in a class C to loose its integrity is the cabover. 138 more words