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Top 5 Movie Bromances

Everybody loves a good bromance.  While there are a ton of lists with different bromances throughout all of television, there are plenty of great movie bromances as well.   571 more words

Old favourites and the power of 'story'

This weekend is marked by two delightful favourites — viewings of Toy Story and Princess Bride.

I know…a bit juvenile perhaps, but oh so wonderful. The old familiar stories are the best, right? 150 more words

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Are we the selfie generation?

Damon Albarn, from Blur, has called our generation the “selfie generation”. He sings it out loud in his song  “I broadcast” coming from the new Blur comeback album “The Magic Whip”. 480 more words

Generation Y Does

Disney Movie Releases!

It seems Disney have finally graced us with a timeline for their upcoming releases, and overall, it looks pretty good. Personally, I’m not one for remakes (you all remember my… 177 more words

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Totoro and I

A few months ago, in a post about the movies I’ve watched the most often, I made the following prediction about my daughter:

Once Beatrix is old enough, she’ll start watching movies, too, and if she’s anything like most kids I know, she’ll want to watch the same videos over and over.

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40 Years, 40 Disney Movies: Counting Down to Daddy's Birthday Night 4 - Toy Story!

Howdy and welcome to yet another installment of Daddy’s 40th Super Duper Movies and Fun insane-o-rama. This week we are moving into Pixar territory. As you all know, Pixar was a company formed in 1979 as part of Lucasfilm. 1,253 more words

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