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Taylor, Nebrska

Taylor, Nebraska is known as the “Western Gateway to the Calamus.”  Taylor is the county seat and is now the only town left in the Loup County.  36 more words

GOtv makes inroad into more towns in Edo

In continuous support of the digital migration in Nigeria, GOtv’s coverage in Edo State has been bolstered with its signals now reaching Auchi, Aviele, Ewu, Igarra, Jattu and Okpella. 365 more words


Quiet at the mines: A condition of armed peace maintained

Talks with the wounded: Details of Sunday’s tragedy as told by the participants—criminal carelessness

Originally published in the Tacoma Daily News, June 30, 1891

Franklin, Wash., June 30—The… 730 more words


Thugs and men: Strikers and Pinkertons at war

Many men wounded: The Franklin Mine troubles at last lead to bloodshed—more feared

Originally published in the Tacoma Daily News, June 29, 1891

Seattle, June 29—The first bloodshed of the mining troubles occurred at Franklin yesterday, and two companies of militia have been dispatched to the scene to prevent the race war which seems imminent. 1,784 more words


Top works at Newcastle Mine busy place

Originally published in the Pacific Coast Bulletin, June 28, 1923

Nestled down between wooded hills in a little valley formed by Coal Creek, the coal mining camp of Newcastle, the oldest in the state, is an attractive place at any time of the year. 135 more words