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The Talk Of The Town

The talk of the town

an idiomatic phrase

comprises with a frown

the general public in phase

a phraseology that is relative

shields  the faces of those who talk… 29 more words


The Castle of Valkenburg

On the 24th of May, during the Pentecost weekend, my dad and his girlfriend was visiting the city. That Sunday started out as a lovely day with great temperatures and sun, and the day before we had decided to go somewhere. 480 more words


Districts in Ho Chi Minh City

I created this map around January 2014, but touched up a little just now. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam is a place I frequent but I am often confused about the demarcations of its districts. 81 more words


Gavin The Cat - By Geoffrey Whitehead

Ginger and white was Gavin the cat
As he lay by the fire stretched out on the mat,
And he closed his eyes, and his whiskers twitched, 133 more words