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It's chilly

Twisted lying in bed

watching a moon

wishing I had you here

touching skin

to spoon

 © Kait King, 2015

Kait King

Touch Me

Why has touch become sexualized?

Why can’t a man touch a woman and a woman touch a man without meaning more than an act of kindness? 45 more words


I want to hold your hand

I want to hold your hand.
No, I’m not weak,
No, I’m not falling.
And no, I’m not in love with you.
I want to hold your hand… 169 more words

Mobile Application Development

Google has been bragging about the largest OS update since the initial release of Android for quite some time. With the growing adoption of Google for Work, users who are changing their email address, but keeping the same account ID, may occur more frequently, so we encourage all developers to make plans to update their code as soon as possible. 498 more words

Android Lollipop

Yes, All People

I’m afraid to be friendly.

I want to be friendly with people but the responses go beyond pleasant to something that makes me uncomfortable.

I had a guy poke me in the side, I have another guy who says ‘Hey pretty girl’ and it’s not in a lewd way but I still wish he wouldn’t. 186 more words


The Horn

The grease is at the tip of my horn
trickling down in clear water form
blazing in heat the horn is shining
Standalone tribute a memoir of war… 142 more words