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Pomeranian Tory & Xury

♥My Family Members, Tory & Xury♥

The Creamy Color dog is “Tory” and The White Color dog is “Xury.”

They are Brother and Sister.

“Tory” is a boy and “Xury” is a girl…

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Ending the consensus

It has struck me several times since the election, while listening to leadership contenders and debates, the ongoing Greek tragedy, and debates around benefits that one of the greatest problems on the left is how our representatives have bought in (one might use the term sold out…) to the idea of the Market and of liberal economic freedom (by which I mew the freedom for big business to do as it pleases) being the only game in town. 2,065 more words


I have never have liked the word evil,it has too much connections with demons and the devil. Things I do not believe in but what other word is there to describe what the conservative government are doing?The cuts and sanctions in benefit,the lies and denials.Crippling austerity measures that are causing such hardship and the rise in child poverty.Also the increase in food banks.At the end of the day there is only one word that fits and that word is EVIL pure Evil


How To Get Rid Of Poor Kids

Poverty. As we here in the government like to say, the best route out of poverty is work. But what about Child Poverty? You can’t just send kids out to work at McDonalds to learn the value of earning their daily crust. 440 more words


Kingfisher mothers picnic picket in Dorchester.

Angry parents and their children held a picnic picket at the offices of the Clinical Commissioning Group in Dorchester to save the Kingfisher ward and Special Care Baby Unit at Dorset County Hospital. 37 more words