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Austerity And Human Rights

“The SNP’s priority is ending austerity, and the damage it does to people’s lives – the Tory government’s priority is ending human rights, and the opportunities for fairness they offer ordinary men and women.” 23 more words

Young Tory of the Year

Susan, a television presenter, (Stephen Fry) is in a box at a concert hall; there is a packed house behind her and an orchestra tuning up. 741 more words


Friday 8th May and beyond, in plastic

A couple of Fridays ago I woke up to discover that the people of the UK had voted for a majority conservative government. Conservative basically means- keeping things the same. 1,782 more words

Life Under The Tories - Cabinet Special (Part 1)

I’m a little bit confused with how often I should be journaling the negative parts of this Tory government. When I first conceived the idea, I had (naively) thought that a monthly entry would suffice, but oh boy, did I underestimate the speed with which the Conservatives can act. 633 more words


Why You're All Wrong About The Human Rights Act

The Tories aren’t getting rid of the whole concept of human rights, but they aren’t scrapping the act for ‘legislative control’ either

The Machiavellian figure of Michael Gove is strangely likeable in some anti-hero way (for me at least). 592 more words


Vandalising A War Memorial Doesn't Make A Point

Vandalising a war memorial doesn’t make a point – in fact, it serves to invalidate that point in some respects.

I know I’m a little late to the *ahem* ‘party’ on this one, but I feel that an important point about these protests has been missed. 107 more words


Poetry - God, King, Country but above all me - Seemed appropriate in the new Tory Britain.

I dug this one out of the archives from twenty years back. It seemed just as appropriate now.

I am a socialist idealist. That means I believe in a fair society  with justice for all. 462 more words