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Miliband's Sherman Statement

Let me be plain: we’re not going to do a deal with the Scottish National Party. We’re not gonna have a coalition, we’re not gonna have a deal.” 993 more words

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The Hypocrisy Of Labour's Anti-SNP Smears

I realize the Labour Party sees Scotland as its natural territory. For decades, Labour has dominated the country politically. However, it has, to use Johann Lamont’s words, treated Scottish Labour as a branch of the party at Westminster. 482 more words


In which I wonder if we've got it all wrong about... migration

We’ve made it to election week. Well done everyone who’s still standing. Even more well done if you haven’t started skipping past the politics section on news websites and turning the TV over every time a party leader appears. 874 more words

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Post Referendum Letters: 25/10/14 (The Great Outdoors)

Dear TGO,

I was almost open mouthed as I read Roger Smith’s viewpoint in the November issue of TGO. Roger stated that the referendum result was the best option as Scotland would have been out of the EU for 5 years and revenue streams would have been lost. 626 more words


Political choice

As you probably are all aware now we live in France but we are still entitled to vote in the UK general elections. So we applied for postal votes to ensure that our voices are still heard. 651 more words

We The People

Royalty, Sovereignty, Constitution and parliament is discussed in the following article.
It is indeed an article in two parts. The first 450 words or so will set out in rather dry formal languange the roles of the British parliament and sovereignty in relation to the people of Scotland. 1,133 more words


''Silly Milli-band''

Here we go! General election is this Thursday.

”An end to Austerity” cries the Greens. ”A bigger voice for Scotland” cries the SNP. ”Keep on the road to recovery” cries the Tories.

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