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Torture in New York Prisons

Published by The Legislative Gazette 

A decade after the U.S. Army and the CIA were accused of human rights violations for overusing solitary confinements in… 1,451 more words

What's in a word?

In a recent post I referred to the victims of humanity’s persecution as our nonhuman kin. A comment was made along the lines that they weren’t my ‘kin’ unless I was ‘a son of a bitch’. 1,267 more words


Did you ever have one?  It’s quite an experience.  I hope I don’t have to do it again any time soon.

I am not petite.  Well, in height I am, standing less than 5′ tall these days. 628 more words

Personal Notes

Torture American Style by Gene Watson - CHAPTER 8: Slave Labor / Taxation Without Representation

My back is broken, my spine is collapsing. From tortures by the secret police.

My house was burned down. Another torture done by the secret police. 670 more words

Secret Police

Bringing CIA torture to justice

In this post from openDemocracy’s States of Impunity project, Andreas Schüller of the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights discusses how global civil society has been fighting on multiple fronts to chip away at the impunity of the world’s most powerful nation. 1,926 more words

Torture American Style by Gene Watson - CHAPTER 5 Plausible Deniability

They use fake names. They got recruited because they’re “good” at lying, deceiving, tricking, trying to manipulate, raping, killing, rigging elections and so forth. They try to construct their PsyOps and all their words and deeds under the cover of ‘plausible deniability’. 167 more words

Secret Police

We're All Crazy

After social workers declared me a threat to my kids because I have “mental illness”, I went into a steep nosedive.  My mdd/gad/ptsd/etc was caused by me being victimized.   824 more words

Crazy Making