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New York Police Arrest Office Manager Who Allegedly Pretends To Be Dentist And Botched Procedures

Patients in the Bronx have learned that the dentist who performed their procedures — including botched procedures — was actually not a doctor but an office manager. 199 more words


Louisiana State Police Officers Park Illegally And Get Booted . . . Then Arrest The Parking Attendant And Take Keys To Remove Boot

There is an interesting lawsuit out of New Orleans where two undercover Louisiana State Police troopers, Sgt. Joseph Patout and Master Trooper Christopher Treadaway, stopped for Sushi and parked illegally across the street. 302 more words


TSA Screeners Fired After Allegedly Picking Out Handsome Male Passengers To Grope For Sexual Pleasure

Two Transportation Security Administration screeners at Denver International airport have been fired after investigators found that a male TSA employee would select handsome men that he wanted to fondle as part of a secondary patdown. 236 more words


Mathew Barnhart v. American Furniture Warehouse Co, 2013COA158 (Nov. 21, 2013)

“Death is a very dull, dreary affair, and my advice to you is to have nothing whatever to do with it.” – Somerset Maugham. This case involves Colorado’s Wrongful Death Act CRS 13-21-201, which allows a decedent’s surviving spouse the exclusive right to bring such an action within the first year after the date of death; heirs have a right to bring an action after the second year, but there may be “only one civil action.” Here, husband settled a wrongful death claim without bringing an action; son then brought an action. 82 more words

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Tickle, Tickle: California Police Officer Suspended After Allegedly Admitting That He Likes To Play With Dead Bodies

There is a bizarre and disturbing case out of Bakersfield California where Officer Aaron Stringer has been put on leave after he allegedly admitted that he liked to play with dead bodies and was seeing tickling the feet of a dead man (shot by police) and saying “tickle, tickle.” 615 more words


Bust and Bye: Georgian National Champion Banned From Chess Competitions For 15 Years After Smartphone Is Found In Bathroom Stall

It was five years ago that the puzzle world was rocked by a Sudoko cheating scandal. Now the chess world has faced its own scandal with the effective banishment of Georgian champ Gaioz Nigalidze, who was found to have secreted a smartphone in a toilet to cheat during an international tournament. 224 more words


Westin Operator, LLC v. Jillian Groh, through her guardians and conservators William and Janelle Groh, 2015CO25 (April 13, 2015)

“A reasonable person could foresee that a group of intoxicated individuals evicted from a hotel might be involved in a drunk driving accident that causes injuries.” Opinion. 140 more words

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