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Give Me a P, Give Me an A, Give Me a Y . . . NFL Owners Facing Legislation To Force Minimum Wage For Cheerleaders

It often seems that a day cannot go by without finding something to truly hate about the NFL. Despite being a football (and Bears) fan, I have long found the NFL itself to operate just slightly above the level of the Barbary Pirate kingdoms. 243 more words


The Colonel Wants To See You: Kentucky Fried Chicken Says DNA Testing Disproved Fried Rat Story

Not long ago, this image went viral after KFC customer Devorise Dixon said that he was served a fried rat in California. The company insisted that the picture showed it was white meat and complained that Dixon refused to speak directly with the company. 113 more words


Ninth Circuit Allows Department Of Corrections To Designate "Women Only" Job Categories

By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals issued a ruling permitting the Washington State Department of Corrections (DOC) to designate a number of open positions within its prison system that are available solely for female candidates. 2,204 more words

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What about the other guys? Liability for the other deaths in Jurassic Park

Okay, so that post about poor Jophery the Gatekeeper got…pretty long. Thankfully, it tackled a lot of the same issues that will be discussed in today’s post! 818 more words


Jophrey v. InGen: Legal relief for the victim of Velociraptor attack

Today’s topic is InGen’s liability for the worker’s death at the start of Jurassic Park.

If you want a refresher of the scene in question, you can… 2,349 more words


Discredited NAACP Official Once Sued Howard University Over Reverse Discrimination

We previously discussed the bizarre case of Rachel Dolezal, 37, the head of an NAACP chapter accused of lying by her own mother. Worse yet, some have suggested that Rachel Dolezal, who is the head of the NAACP’s chapter in Spokane, planted hate mail at her office. 207 more words

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