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Classic "Don't Let The Other Party Wreck It" Campaign Poster

They say there are only two types of political campaigns, “Time for Change” and “Don’t let the other guy wreck it”. Can you guess from the new poster above which one Lynton Crosby is running? 41 more words

Guido Fawkes

Tory Stunts: Sol Campaign Sparks Spurs Backlash

Guido’s revelation earlier today that the Tories were using Sol Campbell to campaign in Spurs’ backyard of Enfield has upset plenty of voters, but local MP Nick De Bois is defending the stunt: 118 more words

Guido Fawkes

Campbell Sells His Sol to the Tories

Yesterday Sol Campbell said he was taking things “step by step” when asked on Sky if he would run in Kensington. Today Tory HQ have already got him putting his name to cringey campaign emails to young activists inviting them to campaign in Enfield, less than 5 miles from White Hart Lane, home of Spurs: 151 more words

Guido Fawkes

What's Good for Big Business is not Necessarily Good for Us

The Labour Party have argued that necessary, albeit seemingly minor, economic adjustments have to be made in order to tackle growing inequality. Such adjustments, it appears, pose a threat to those who ostensibly profit from that inequality. 790 more words


“Hard Work”, “Hard Working Families”, “Hard Work”, Blah, Blah, Fucking Blah……

As part of the political elite’s strategy of divide and conquer, the concept of ‘hard working families’ is their latest tactic. They use the term as to separate people who work (hard or otherwise) to those who do not – be they unemployed, disabled, pensioners etc….  235 more words

Will economics be enough for the Conservatives to win in May?

The Conservatives have been in power for the first time since John Major was emphatically deposed as Prime Minister in 1997 by the insurgent force of ‘New Labour’ lead by Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. 383 more words

Meg, are your pants on fire?

Am I surprised that the local Tories are spreading misinformation? Well, yes actually.

So desperate has their campaigning got that they have resorted to some … how shall I put it … imaginative descriptions of how the Joint Administration is behaving. 176 more words