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The End Of Britain As We Knew It?

In Scotland, a rebellion is brewing the likes of which Britain has not experienced in nearly a century and that, if unchecked, will change the United Kingdom for good.

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Floaters are few, but the circus is for you (aka poetic titles are few and far between)

I rant… 

The general election campaign isn’t interesting to someone like me, who knows how he will vote…; I’m sure that you’re the same. I guess you are because anyone reading black text on a white background on a blog online is usually someone with enough intelligence to pull themselves away from the flashing colours of Candy Crush Saga or ‘betfrankdoublecash’arry.com whoaarrrr!!!!! 1,338 more words


It’s not a prediction it’s a snapshot

So says the noble lord Michael Ashcroft every Monday at 4pm when he publishes his national polling data, but is he strictly right? Obviously in terms of what the raw data means there is no doubt he’s correct, there are a million and one different issues with conducting a national poll and the mood of the populace changes with such frequency it is difficult to see a national as anything more than a stick in the ground. 704 more words

Isabel Hardman

Fractures in St Laurence

It was tempted to entitled this piece ‘David Burzotta, mangler of the English language’. It is so badly written that its purpose will elude many of its target audience. 112 more words


Small Business letter to the Telegraph; an attempt to defraud the electorate?

How the letter from small business owners to the Telegraph in support of the Tories fell apart

UPDATE 07:30 on 28/4: A reader has done additional work on duplication. 1,095 more words