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Dave Meets UKIP

Guido is very hungover after last night’s Speccie bash. It was very hot and there was a lot of Pimms involved, also an inexplicable number of pretty models there… 135 more words

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Making Poverty History

The government led by the Tories/
Got fed up with poverty stories/
And so IDS/
Made poverty less/
By just redefining what poor is.
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Dave Kills Mood at Summer Party With Rant About Surveillance

Dave used last night’s champagne fuelled Tory summer ball to go off on one about terrorists and mass surveillance.

Speaking to a 850 strong crowd at a packed Hurlingham Club, Cameron said he was all for Muslims who call out and condemn terror, but argued that he sees it as his mission to tackle any violent ideology. 187 more words

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Zac and Boris: Heathrow Not Happening

The long-awaited Davies Commission

“has unanimously concluded that the proposal for a new northwest runway at Heathrow Airport, combined with a significant package of measures to address its environmental and community impacts, presents the strongest case and offers the greatest strategic and economic benefits – providing around 40 new destinations from the airport and more than 70,000 new jobs by 2050″

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Oh Dear Mr Cameron...

The Children’s Unit in Dorset is under extreme threat of closing or becoming minimalised. This could cost lives, pray not, but surely they could make cuts somewhere LESS IMPORTANT. 197 more words

Sajid Slams CBI: Stinging Speech Threatens Brexit

The Business Secretary let the CBI have it at the Corinthia last night, telling them to their faces that their pro-EU intransigence doesn’t “make sense” 472 more words

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Tories are treating Muslims like sheep

via Tories are treating Muslims like sheep.

by Hassan Mahamdallie

The Tories are certainly off the leash—as prime minister David Cameron’s Muslim-bashing speech to a security conference in Slovakia last week demonstrated.

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