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Walking By The Spirit

Walk by the Spirit and you will not carry out the desire of the flesh – Galatians 5:16.  As we look to finish chapter 5 of Galatians Paul discusses the fruit of the flesh and the fruit of the Spirit.  604 more words


Review of Loving God When You Don't Love the Church, Part Four

The Talmud (Makkot 10b) states that a person will be led on the path that he truly wants to travel on.

What path is this for you?

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Shemot Twenty-Two: Interactions Between Men

The rules continue. We learn about punishments for thieves, for the destruction of fields by animals or fire, and what happens if something happens to a man’s property that he has lent to another man. 368 more words


The Death of An Illegal Alien: A Poem

Genesis 23:

The Death of Sarah

23 Sarah lived one hundred twenty-seven years; this was the length of Sarah’s life. 2 And Sarah died at Kiriath-arba (that is, Hebron) in the land of Canaan; and Abraham went in to mourn for Sarah and to weep for her. 247 more words

On Scripture

Abuse - do not remain silent (Parashat Tzav)

This evening, I am not going to share with you some regular thoughts on our Torah portion of this Shabbat. We will learn more about it tomorrow morning, especially from our Bat Mitzvah Jessica. 672 more words


If You Love Me, Keep My Commandments

As we go through the process of restoration, where we are being restored to a right relationship with Yahuah, we have a lot of previously learned doctrine that we have to examine. 1,343 more words

The Journey

Shemot Twenty-One: An Eye for an Eye

Having received the ten commandments, the people are now given more rules that they must follow. The chapter begins with regulations about personal slaves. I find it interesting that this is being discussed so soon… 476 more words