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Blue Mountains In the Distance- Ideas and Color Inspiration

Spring is fading itself into Summer and i’m caught up between the urge to go traipse through foothills and sketch sketch sketch and being a realist and realizing the actual mountain i’m going to be climbing next month when me and the bf move into our new house. 111 more words


Playing with Shadows (Wire)

I’ve been experimenting lately with the use of shadows in my work, using “drawings” that i have made from wire and lichen – materials which allow light to stream through their negative spaces to create interesting effects. 430 more words

Intersections And Articulations

NASA Data Reveals Mega-Canyon Under Greenland Ice Sheet

via Always better together, electricspacekoolaid: NASA Data Reveals….

Data from a NASA airborne science mission reveals evidence of a large and previously unknown canyon hidden under a mile of Greenland ice.

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Science & Technology


~010 – 80×60 – oil, acryl, spraypaint, pencil and marker on canvas


Paper Topo Models with Vector Cutter

If there’s a science fair coming up, this trumps just about any 2D poster. It’s a 3D topographical map of an inactive Slovakian volcano, Poľana. came up an easy way to… 205 more words

Misc Hacks

Merge Surface

Last week I looked into Split Surface, and how exactly that tool works. Merge Surface is the opposite tool and can merge two surfaces together.  443 more words

How To

A DM's Topographical Terminology List

Whether DM’ing or Playing I find it really off-putting to call every single rise the party meets a ‘Hill’ and every body of water either a ‘River’ or a ‘Lake’. 1,367 more words