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Lord Do it Again

We all are familiar with Acts chapter 2 in the Bible. Many believe this is an event that took place during that time, and season. If we stay there. 54 more words


A Time to Remember

Thanking those who made the ultimate scarifice for us.


Be My 'Tinder-ony' <3

First of all, I love my title! Haha!

So I’ve realised that constant updates about my mission may be a little tedious. I’ll update you if something changes but today was the same really. 973 more words


In C Things I Didn't Knew Before

static modifier in c: [source]

  1. Static defined local variables do not lose their value between function calls. In other words they are global variables, but scoped to the local function they are defined in.
  2. 72 more words

Check Your Insurance

Start asking your current insurance company questions about teen drivers early.  Even if you have had the same insurance company forever, start asking questions about teen drivers early.   298 more words


Graduated Driver Licensing

Graduated Driver Licensing programs are designed to introduce teens to driving with the intent on reducing accidents.  It’s also the reason you are reading this blog.   119 more words


Distracted Driving

Distracted driving causes accidents.  Everyone has looked away and looked backed at the road only to be shocked at the direction the vehicle is traveling. 109 more words