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Crying for my nation

Tonight I ask you to do something a little different with me. Tonight I ask that we pray together.

Tonight I decided that it is time I call… 747 more words



The DCTN strap-line is “(mostly) first-person poetry, prose and opinion” and I try and keep the blog more poetical than political. Of course, with the UK election looming, this is going to be more and more difficult; I suspect there’s more politics in poetry than there is poetry in politics. 326 more words

Writing And Writers

A Time of Rest

     What does the phrase “omnipotent God” mean to you?  Our minds often struggle to understand anything limitless or infinite probably because most of our thoughts throughout life are in regards to objects that are confined by the limitations of this world.   575 more words


On awards in general and Hugos in particular

So, as you may be aware, the Hugos–more or less the science fiction equivalent to Oscars, Emmys, or Tonys–have been hijacked by a neo-fascist movement called the Rabid Puppies assisted (just like every fascist takeover ever) by their conservative catspaws the Sad Puppies, who unsurprisingly have significant crossover with Gamergate. 566 more words


“Quail & Cucumbers, With A Side of Manna Please…”

Devotion: Numbers 11:4-6

The dust kicked up from thousands of human feet and livestock in the middle of a desert wilderness would certainly be enough to create a craving for cool water, shade and a refreshing meal. 803 more words


Through the Looking Glass

So, I happened across this very interesting human-interest piece about a trio of young people and their journey in search of their doppelgängers.

Supposedly, we all have them – those mysterious individuals walking around somewhere with our exact faces. 388 more words


Nokia Insists on Buying Alcatel-Lucent - Likely Getting Their Wish

Multiple reports from Bloomberg yesterday claims that Nokia wants to acquire Alcatel-Lucent for an offer of $13.5 billion dollars.

If this deal comes true, the “match made in heaven” will ring true for Nokia. 164 more words