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A Little Fish in an Gigantic Ocean

I’ve come from a background of a small village, hours from a city, in a community where everyone knows everyone else’s business. A very close family and a shark tank of a high school, with a few close friends. 387 more words

The Perfect Roast Potato

Roast potatoes, much like a roast chicken dinner, epitomise home cooking for me. There’s something deliciously comforting about roast potatoes, particularly when you can dip them in rich gravy. 254 more words

'Now and then’….your little bargaining tool for little people!

In Speechie world, you might hear this a lot. It could be referred to as ‘First and next’ or ‘Now and next’. I don’t recommend one phrase over the other; and will probably use them interchangeably today (NB later you will see I advise to choose your wording and stick to it!). 714 more words

Communication Development

Disney World in Large Groups

Disney World is the perfect location for a big family trip, but its not always easy being a large group!

1. Save a fortune on your phone bill by utilising the free wifi… 385 more words

Disney World

Top Tips

Today I completed my fitness to practice form and DBS meaning I’m officially off to med school in September and nothing can stop me! (touch wood) I also managed to get a job this week. 1,231 more words

Get Into Medicine

5 top tips for getting through a day at the office

  1. Keep sipping water throughout the day.

This initially might have you running to the toilet a lot but your body will soon get used to it and it’s great for helping transporting nutrients around your body and general detoxification. 202 more words



Written by Graham Wilkinson, Senior Consultant, Lauras International

‘Standardisation’ means setting a standard, as well as bringing a condition into conformance with that standard. … 250 more words

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