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Bentley brings its Continental touch to Oman

There are days, just some days, in the unremitting toil we call existence that make the daily drudgery worthwhile.

This was one of those days, with interest added. 517 more words


Too Many Games: Ittle Dew

Yay! Ittle Dew. That’s the appropriate reaction to have when you see Ittle Dew because it’s a joyous game. Well… sort of. It’s a game that’s split pretty hard between the wonderful children’s book artwork and at times frustrating mechanical experience. 492 more words

Too Many Games

Yet Another Zombie Defence

Yet Another Zombie Defence – Reviewed on PC by WafflezTheGreat

Yet Another Zombie Defence (YAZD) is a game about defending yourself from zombies. alot of zombies. 149 more words


In Defence of Nihilism

I often spat between thinking myself a nihilist and not. It often depends how I have been primed and how I am looking at the issue. 598 more words

Obliteration Order Desura Review

Obliteration Order is a basic, overhead reverse tower defense game where you spawn two types of tanks that need to make it through three levels getting shot by turrets. 539 more words

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Daikatana Game Boy Color Review

The legendary Daikatana was the pet project of developer John Romero who also had a hand in making Doom, a game which took PC gaming to new heights of popularity, violence and gameplay. 1,046 more words

Video Games

The Escapists review

Hey guys and gals, Mason here and I am going to be talking about The Escapists. In The Escapists you play as a convict who has been put in jail for an unknown reason. 199 more words