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Top 10 reasons to start a top 10 blog

Here are my reasons for starting this blog. There will be a new top 10 list every day at 8:00 AM. Be sure to check in every day! 98 more words

Top 10

SMAP Summer Slash Tournament [Next Battle!]

Hello, Pretzels! The SMAP have invited us to a tournament that we are trying to dominate! Try to attend if you can, because this is the first round of the tournament! 71 more words

Top 20 Cartoon theme songs

My first top 10! or top 20, I guess…..

Before most cartoons, or even sitcoms and stuff, there is a theme song. Some are catchy, some have no lyrics, and some are worse then mike Kirby! 611 more words

Cartoon Themes

Happy 4th of July!

Because it is the forth, I thought I would do a top ten holiday list. I will use holidays from multiple religions. And no, birthdays do not count as a holiday. 49 more words

Top 10

Top 10 Gym Rules

During my years of training in the gym, I’ve come across habits and pet peeves that makes life on every other gym-goer just that bit harder. 482 more words


Top 10 US states to visit

In my opinion, these are the top ten USA vacation destinations.

10. Louisiana
9. Arizona

8. Texas
7. Nevada (Vegas, baby!)
6. Illinois
5. Washington, DC (not a state, but I’ll count it as one!) way… 22 more words

Top 10