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Sweet Tooth

My sweet tooth is insatiable. Out of all of the taste sensations, sweet is most definitely my top choice. I think that my friend, Raghu, aka https://rabhardwaj.wordpress.com/ can attest to my addiction. 97 more words

Tooth Fairy Boxes Handmade

These gorgeous little tooth fairy boxes caught my eyes and I hope you like them! For the #mums out there <3

They’re #handmade and painted, measure 1 inch high and 1 1/2 inches across and have the most cute little tooth with #fairy wings attached to the lid. 28 more words


Christian Corner: Tooth Decay

When I was in elementary and again in middle school my mom sent me to a Christian camp. I didn’t really care for the middle school camp but at least I was there with familiar faces from school including Coach Simmons who I was fond of in PE. 743 more words


Mushy, Mushy

Mushy, Mushy

It seems to me that Americans are obsessed with braces.

There is, of course, nothing wrong with correcting teeth so crooked that they won’t fit in their own mouth, won’t descend (or ascend) into the spot they belong, or grow in another direction than vertical. 345 more words



Many people my age have dentures, and they don’t seem to think much about it. Once the pain is gone and the gums are healed, few of the denture-wearers I know seem to spend much thought about these prothesis. 522 more words

Wisdom teeth removal

About 3 weeks before GAYA, I had a major toothache. I thought it will subside soon, but it persisted for 3 days, and so I decided to visit a dentist. 463 more words

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