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it gets down to the


so read on and be delighted. These are your very own tax dollars at work, so enjoy and be greatly pleased. 713 more words


Not so mindful Toothfairy

Like most parents I try to keep childhood myths and beliefs alive with stories of visiting elves, the Tooth Fairy and Santa of course. I am mindful however not to blatantly lie and talk to my children about a choice they have in believing or not in these. 438 more words

Sneak Peak: The Tooth Fairy Question [5 Days to Go]

With the release date creeping closer and closer I can hardly contain my excitment… or these tiny little teeth. I estimate there are around 200 teeth in this drawing for my new book – … 16 more words

49... Series


If every day was Christmas, I would like it because that way I would get presents every day . The entire day I would wait for night, as at night Santa gives presents. 377 more words

Super Boy Writes

30 Toys in 30 Days: Made From Scraps, Tooth Fairy

Today we made a little Tooth Fairy Pouch out of scrap denim and stuffed with scrap cotton to celebrate the rite of passage from a little girl to big girl. 417 more words

Zero Waste

It's Tooth Fairy Time!

Tonight I get to play the Tooth Fairy for the first time – as, after many weeks of tentative, and then more robust, wiggling, Tadpole’s first wobbly tooth finally came out this morning! 147 more words