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Screws and their uses go back to the time of Archimedes. I sometimes wonder how the first screws were manufactured. My thoughts on the subject seem to generate more questions than answers. 236 more words


I want more Lights!

Utilising 19th century image-making processes seems to have a great thirst for light. I thought at first it was the optics, but I suppose it’s the methodology as well. 582 more words


How to Cleanse, Consecrate and Dedicate a Grimoire, Book of Shadows or Other Spiritual Workbook

This is a tutorial for what I call a ‘working book’. As in, I write or draw or stick things in it until it is full, and that is the only criteria. 373 more words


How to Make Seeds Sticks

The cost of some seeds can be quite expensive in some cases, so it just makes sense to not waste them or use more than you need.   195 more words


@Chipotletweets #Leftovers

I haven’t been able to finish my burrito, sadly. So I of course had leftovers for breakfast!


Five Balls of Yarn, Four Wisdom Teeth and a Professional Skateboarder

 Our younger daughter had four wisdom teeth extracted mid-week.  I brought knitting needles and five new balls of yarn along and knitted so the time would pass quickly and calmly in the waiting room.  239 more words