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“Alarm. Alarm. It is 7:25 am.” Oh is THAT what my phone’s voice sounds like? Apparently Eliana has somehow permanently changed my phone so that it talks to me now. 1,098 more words


Headaches (Paniang)

Selalu kebangun karena hal ini. Sakitnya dari belakang kepala sampe ke ubun-ubun yang kalo menurut pakarnya yang gw ga tau siap itu sakit kepala dikarenakan tensi. 88 more words

12/24 hours

The last 12 hours of 24 have been spent practicing yoga. And yes I’ve found my yoga limit. Parts of my body hurt that I didn’t know existed. 143 more words


"High School will be the Best Time of Your Life" Yeah Right...

I always believed high school would be my crowning moment; I would blossom into the beautiful woman my mother predicted, and get the grades and friends that my father believed I deserved. 368 more words



In the beginning of many relationships people are on a high. They’re in what they think is love. For some it may be love for many it isn’t. 515 more words


Sufjan Stevens “Too Much” from The Age of Adz (2010)
This album tour was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. Am almost scared to go see him again for fear of disappointment (which I know is silly, but that’s just how I think sometimes).



This course is, like, sadistic.

We have a five to six page research paper due on Thursday.  We were only given the topic–or rather, the type of topics we can self-design–yesterday.   375 more words

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