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Frankenstein by Bernard Rose

If upon hearing there is a new Frankenstein movie your first thought will be ‘Why on earth should I watch another Frankenstein movie?’ I can tell you that Bernard Rose mastered the incredible magic trick of adapting the classic Mary Shelley story as the ultimate version for the here and now. 695 more words


Night of the Living Dead (1990)

When the dead rise from their graves to consume the flesh of the living a small but desperate group hole up in a farmhouse hoping to survive the night. 1,540 more words

The Undead Review

Candyman (1992)

I should have seen Candyman at an early age. My whole love for movies began at around seven or eight years old when I would devour horror films on VHS – Freddy, Jason, Michael, all those guys were movie stars to me. 320 more words

Media Diet

Happy Anniversary: Has It Really Been Three Years?

Sitting here recovering from being forced off the road on my bicycle Tuesday, my Internet came up briefly to show I’d gotten a trophy from WordPress. 672 more words


The Man From Earth (2007)

The Man From Earth (2007) 

Directed by: Richard Schenkman

Written by: Jerome Bixby

Starring: David Lee Smith, Tony Todd, John Billingsley 537 more words


AnythingHorror.com Gives "Contamination" 5 Stars!

3.12.15 AnythingHorror.com  (5 out of 5 stars) “CONTAMINATION shows just how cool the celebrities are that attend and then focuses on the people who pay to attend. 39 more words


Contamination: A Convention Story (2012)

I don’t watch nearly enough horror documentaries!! Whenever I watch one I always end up learning so much about a facet of the horror genre I didn’t previously know. 660 more words

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