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Vanish 2015: A Thrill Ride Of Mayhem!

Vanish 2015, is a no-holds-barred film with a healthy balance of comedy, action, and death. Everything is balls to the wall, in your face, non-stop action that does not gives you a moment to breathe. 463 more words

Action Movie

"VANish" (2015) Review

There’s been a bit of an exploitation renaissance as of late, and while Bryan Bockbrader’s VANish certainly isn’t an exploitation film in the traditional sense, it certainly encompasses the spirit of one. 301 more words


Trailer Alert - VANish

Plot – A kidnapped young woman is forced on a road trip full of murder and mayhem that takes place entirely in her captor’s getaway van. 113 more words



If you look in the mirror and say Candyman five times, the Candyman will appear behind you and mutilate you with his hook for a hand. 348 more words