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Sula by Toni Morrison

I finished this book last night. Only Toni Morrison could write a completely wonderful story in 174 pages. Every sentence the sweetest pleasure to the senses. 22 more words


Memorial Day Weekend Book Haul

I don’t really go shopping, but I can’t resist a good Memorial Day Weekend book sale.

On Monday, I went to Barnes and Noble where I spent most of my time at the Women’s Studies section…obviously. 73 more words


Book Review - Toni Morrison's Home

Stylist Magazine ran an interview with Toni Morrison in a recent issue, and I realised that, though I knew of her, I hadn’t yet read… 467 more words


in air

a parable
Toni Morrison’s Nobel Lecture, 1993


Sherman Alexie on sad books

In a 2011 Wall Street Journal blog post, Sherman Alexie explains why YA books that address real issues of violence, death, sexuality, and other horrors need to be available for teen readers. 496 more words

Banned/Challenged Books

4 Books on my Summer Reading List

I received a $50 gift card for Chapters a week ago for winning a trivia competition. Choosing books to buy is a huge decision for me since I usually borrow books from the library having to return them later on (because I’m cheap like that). 137 more words

If You're Flailing in Your Writing, It's OK

Ever look at the words ‘flailing’ and ‘failing’?

One definition of flail is ‘to wave or swing vigorously; thrash’. The word flail always reminds me of Grover from Sesame Street with his blue arms up in the air running around, being dramatic. 276 more words