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The Basics of Getting a Good Live Guitar Tone

One question I see being asked often on the Internet is, “How do I get a good guitar tone for playing live that will be heard in a mix.” There is a lot of good information to be found, and I’m going to add some things I’ve learned from my experience to the mix (pun intended). 505 more words


Prompt - Colour Grading

For this exercise we had to colour grade 3 shots using the colour correct tool in Adobe Premiere.  It adjusts both the hue (colour) and luminance (brightness and contrast) in an image which can be used to create a mood, eliminate a particular colour, correct video that’s too dark or too light, or match colour from scene to scene. 1,078 more words

Sound And Image

Tenacious, Motivated 23rd Trumpet Student

For his first lesson at his home in Bothell on 26 February 2015 , my 23rd trumpet student played for me from the instruction book, … 200 more words


Ballet Beautiful Workout

*Photo not mine

So. In Hello October’s recent post, she mentioned a ballet workout she’s been trying. I was intrigued so i had a little gander on Youtube and devoted some of my Saturday night in (yes, that’s right – a Saturday night!) to trying this workout. 283 more words


My Beauty Bed Routine

My Beauty Bed Routine

1. Remove your make up

A simple one, but I know a lot of girlies out there that don’t do this. It’s so important to let your skin breathe for a few hours. 444 more words


Anger truly NEVER works.

Oopsy…Oops…did I do that?


I totally messed up today.  I said things and used tones of voice that I shouldn’t.

I found myself going absolutely bahhzerko crazy in the middle of Sams today. 240 more words