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FCC Chair: Relax, Cable Companies, Not All Mergers Are Necessarily Doomed Forever

The collapse of the much-discussed, absolutely enormous Comcast/Time Warner Cable merger earlier this year might have been an occasion for consumers and consumer advocates to cheer — but for businesses, it was much less good news. 311 more words

US Gov't to Cablecos: Keep Investing in Broadband Networks

US Lags Behind in Broadband Connection Speeds

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler and Department of Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker each took turns urging the United States’ cableco industry to continue investments in their broadband infrastructures. 853 more words


FCC Chief Warns Cable Ops: Don't Thwart Broadband Competitiors

In making his case, Wheeler touched on Comcast’s aborted $45 billion acquisition of Time Warner Cable. The FCC “recognized that broadband had to be at the center of our analysis, and that video was, in essence, an application that flows over networks and that could be supplied both by the owners of facilities and by competitors that use broadband pathways to compete against the owners of those broadband pathways.” – … 12 more words

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FCC Commissioners Debate Effects of Net Neutrality Rules

CHICAGO — When FCC chairman Tom Wheeler addressed on Wednesday the very cable industry that is challenging the FCC’s net neutrality rules, he pointed to one of the flashpoints of disagreement. 586 more words


Cable Bosses Criticize Net Neutrality Rules, Downplay Further Mergers

CHICAGO — The chiefs of major cable companies were outspoken when it came to criticizing FCC chairman Tom Wheeler and the agency’s recent regulatory moves, but cagey when it came to potential mergers in their own future. 515 more words


FCC's Tom Wheeler Defends Net Neutrality, Comcast-TW Cable Merger Opposition

CHICAGO — FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler defended newly imposed net neutrality rules as well as the agency’s plans to block the Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger, saying that moves have been necessary to protect competition. 688 more words


FCC Chief Warns Cable Ops: Don't Thwart Broadband Competitors

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler didn’t hold back today in his address to a group for which he used to lobby:  Cable operators must “overcome the temptation to use your predominant position in broadband to protect your traditional cable business,” he said at the industry’s INTX confab in Chicago. 381 more words

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