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VIDEO: Kelly Clarkson & Jimmy Fallon Sing Chicago's Greatest Hits!

Did you see Jimmy Fallon and Kelly Clarkson sing “The History of Duets” on The Tonight Show the other night?

It was like a whose-who of K-Hits artists! 60 more words


Oops I Did It Again

I don’t know what it is with me and spontaneous six month blog breaks, but apparently I am a fan given that this is my second. 197 more words

Cookie Cutter Hard Rock

At one time I was supposed to do a sit in gig with a band as an opening act (free).  The gig fell through but it was a learning experience for me and the style of music, “hard rock” or maybe a better term would be “soft metal”, was quite the work out for these old arms and legs. 487 more words


The Music I Like.

Keep your Justin Bieber and Kanye and Jay-Z and Beyonce. And even Taylor Swift, though I do like her new album and I think she treats her fans right. 77 more words

The Core is Getting Soft.14: Bang a Slate

One of the digital tools I threw in the mix of my new record is SSD4, the drum sampler made by Slate Digital.  It was the first time I used something other than an electronic drum machine to program drums.   1,245 more words