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My girl...

The plan was for us to all go swimming this morning and then to head to the woods for some fresh air.  Unfortunately, it would appear that Eleanor has contracted chicken pox and whilst this is not bothering her in the slightest I felt it was best to cancel her lesson.   466 more words

Silent, Sexy Feets On The Table (Clip Gush)

Hi sexy stranger :)

Yes, I know it has been awhile (again!) but you know how I disappear every now and then to explore new rabbit holes and then return to share my adventures with you in some form. 303 more words


All these years, and I didn't know...

One foot is bigger than the other.

I can seriously point my toes.

I can stand on my toes.

My reflection is scary.

If I stare at myself long enough, I feel crazy. 53 more words

C'est Le Vie

New Ankle + New Toes + New Metatarsals

Wow, I meant to update this blog months ago and just never got around to it…

So, the surgery ended up being far more complex than the surgeon expected. 549 more words

Belly Dancing

What Is Clubbing of the Fingers and Toes?

Clubbing of the fingers and/or toes can mean someone has a decreased O2 level. It can indicate problems with the Heart, or things like Lung Cancer, or Bronchiectasis. 7 more words

Physical Exam & Health Assessment