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What I should be doing is getting my home ready for my 8 weeks in a wheelchair but instead I’m typing after a day of knitting. 114 more words


Can you believe I've never knitted socks with rainbow yarn?

Knitting some socks with rainbow yarn is a first for me. I have no idea why, really. All these years I’ve been knitting (lots of socks) and it never occurred to me to do it. 286 more words


Onward Second Socks

The chaos of a 9 month old Jellybean who is teething combined with changing jobs has left me with very little knitting bandwidth. Hence my crazy vanilla sock mojo. 134 more words


What's On My Needles #10

One vanilla rainbow is in the books!

The colors have grown on me. And the sock fits like a dream. The yarn made a nice dense fabric that should be warm this winter. 79 more words


Happy feet!

It’s been a while coming, but I have something off the needles again at long last. The anniversary socks are finally finished!
They got put down for several weeks, while I was occupied doing my most recent show, as well as reading more, but I took them on holiday with me and with the time to concentrate on it,  I managed to make a start on the heel. 304 more words


More Heels Please!

More afterthought heels please!

I’ve put the afterthought heel into my first Vanilla Maple. I was chuffed to get the heel inserted exactly between two stripes. 47 more words