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Toe Up Socks with Yo Short Row Toe and Heel

When working socks from the toe up, my preferred provisional cast on is the short-row. The kind with the wrap and turn (w&t) at the ends. 726 more words


Apparently I Can't Follow Charts

The winner from last week’s geek sock yarn-off is……Lighthouse! Mostly because I let my 7 month old pick and that’s what he chose to slobber on! 136 more words


Finished: fourth pair of Skews!

Some evening pictures:

I’ll retake these tomorrow.
Later this week I hope to write out the pattern in a blogpost because I’ve modified it now to perfection, even if I do say so myself. 660 more words


Sock It To Me Heels

I’ve been on a sock knitting kick since February. Unfortunately, my head injury has slowed me down considerably. If I’m not seeing double, I’m dizzy, both make it hard to knit.   335 more words


Skew 3.14159265359

Lente Skews are finished! Project page is here.

One old, one new, one striped, one blue (couch):

I’m wearing them today. They fit so well! (I wove in the ends. 348 more words


Near The End of The Rainbow

I’ve far too quickly come to the end of my Rainbow.

I’m already working the ribbed cuff in purple. This yarn from KnitCircus has just been yummy. 88 more words


Skew Sneaking In + Bobmas Day

I have entered the danger zone by casting on for a new project…

It’s Skew sock pattern.
In a lovely Danish yarn that I received as a gift yesterday. 811 more words