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My review of brilliant Brooks Farm (bar the terrifying turkeys!)

I had heard lots of good things about Brooks Farm in Leyton, and I had been meaning to check it out with the gang for a while. 1,157 more words

Help! It's Potty Training Time!

With every milestone and every new accomplishment done we, as parents, feel relieved and proud that our babies are moving smoothly from one stage to the other. 1,376 more words


Kid-Proof Tech Adults Can Use

Just because you’re a parent doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy being productive. Since I’m still the gadget junkie that I was before my little nerd was born, I’ve pulled together five indispensable pieces of technology that can aid any mom or dad with the challenge of getting things done. 875 more words



When his imagination hiccoughs: “Ahoy mateys, I’m a doctor!”

A Parent's Reflections on being "in survival mode"

Several months back, a friend said to me, “you’re in survival mode”. At the time, it really helped me. I realized she was correct, and the clarity it brought to my situation also helped me cope with it better, both emotionally and physically. 767 more words

Family Days Out Are a Big Mistake #10: A (Bubble) Solution!

Contrary to the tradition of family days out being a BAD idea, last year we had a gloriously sunny day at the Fairyland Trust Fairy Fair in Holt. 578 more words

Family Life

A Secret No One Tells You: Toddlers Are Amazing

I used to fear toddlers. Cranky, whiny, demanding, tantrum-throwing, mobile monsters. I listened in horror as a family member described how she had to stop visiting the grocery store. 608 more words