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10 Favorite spring-themed events in the Hudson Valley

I have been counting down the weeks to write this blog post! 2 more weeks until “Spring”! . While I really don’t mind the snow at the beginning of the season, by March I am daydreaming of flowers and green grass, heck, I would just be happy with the 10 minutes less time it will take to get out of the house when we can finally pack away these boots and coats! 741 more words

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Things I've Learned About Single Parenting

I have now been a single parent for just over a year. And while I am an utter newbie compared to some, I do feel that I have come a long way in that time. 1,840 more words


This morning was like most mornings around our house. Even when I don’t need an alarm my twin alarm goes off about 6:30. I get up, change them and then spend a few minutes chasing them around with shirts or pants in my hand because I likely wasn’t smart enough to have clothes ready right after the diaper. 348 more words


Strawberry Fun

One of Liam’s Valentine’s Day presents this year was a strawberry seed planting kit.  He was super excited about it and pretty much demanded that we plant them right away.   148 more words


Memory flashback

We’ve officially lived in our house 2 years. The day we moved in I took a photo of my beautiful girl, and on the year anniversary of moving I took another photo: 166 more words


Mess Free Painting

I always dread pulling out paint with the toddlers. From everyone wanting to wash their hands twelve times while they’re painting to the inevitable paint on the table, it’s a chore. 101 more words