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the second time around...

I have been spending a lot of time with first-time moms recently and it has me thinking about how I was as a first-time mom and all of the things that were “important” to me with Leo and how they have changed and shifted the second time around.   799 more words


3.26.15 Potty Training

My Little Emily is a transforming into a BIG GIRL!! Super Proud of her!

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The Rain Drop (Toddler Activity!!)

What’s more fun to learn about on a rainy day than rain?! This entertaining activity will teach your toddler about how rain falls and where it comes from… See how I put it together below!! 179 more words


Lupe & the Boys

I shot these images a few weeks ago at the Old Mission San Juan Bautista.  I hadn’t seen my good friend Lupe in a few years, the last time I saw her boys one was a toddler and the other just a few weeks old. 42 more words

Family Portraits

Talking Toddlers "Off the Ledge..."

So, toddler tantrums, huh? This is a new, and admittedly challenging, experience for my husband and me. Lucky for my husband, he’s away with adult creatures most of the day, so he misses out on most of the lunacy that has recently unfolded in our house. 456 more words


Things I Love Thursday: Toddler Tricycle

 On some Thursdays, I’ll share something random that I’m really liking, enjoying, or appreciating. Just a little post to share a little snippet of life right now. 437 more words


Dad's fake movie poster perfectly illustrates how parents of toddlers feel at bedtime

If you have a great sleeper you’re lucky, but many parents go through an exhausting song and dance every night at bedtime. Getting a toddler to bed can easily turn into the thing you least look forward to every day. 66 more words

Rare Life