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LEARN: 20 Favorite Board Books

“Book! Book! Book!” is something we have been hearing around our house a lot lately. Tommy LOVES books, and lately he’s been standing up his crib every night shouting and pointing at his bookshelf because he would much rather be reading books than sleeping. 1,067 more words


Why we don't get anything done!

I am in LOVE with this youtube video. I think it really does sum up our lives as mommys. What really stuck with me was the laundry scene. 34 more words


Quick Mama, Before the Giant Snowflakes Go Back Up in the Sky!

Oh Mama, those snowflakes are gigantic. I am a snow expert now with the weather this year, and those are the biggest that I have ever seen. 122 more words

(Almost) 15 months and some other bits and bobs

There’s been a lot going on this month in all the JenkinSunts’ lives and I’m sure I’ll forget to mention lots of things.

It’s taken us about 2 months but we are mostly cough free at long last. ¬† 1,322 more words


Snowed-In Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

It’s snowing – again – here in Greenwich, and school was cancelled. A perfect day to make chocolate chip banana bread! I always seem to have overly ripe bananas, so banana bread is my go-to recipe. 154 more words


Client Management - The Parenting Way

This week has been a tough one.  Penny has been sick, nothing serious I might add, but a sick two year old is hard work no matter what the illness. 657 more words

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