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I so Hungry!!

Hi Hi Hi,

How are you? Yes you dere with the cute hair in dos pigtails giggles. I am Hungry wanna come over here I wont bite muchies I promise. 248 more words

Kiddie Fashion


Hello peoples! *Jumps up and down and giggles*. Soooooooo Violetility has this brand new dress right? So, you know the dress everyone is talking about? Some people see it gold and white and others see it black and blue. 171 more words

Kiddie Fashion

Tardis Lovin'

Hi’s peoples! I’m Kiki and it’s wonderful to meet you! Sooooooo I found this amazings wonderfuls store named Violetile and I must say *looks around* it’s uber adorable!!!! 177 more words

Kiddie Fashion

New Beginnings

Hi Hi,

Autumn here!! How are yous? Well I am super excited because I have on this pretty dress and bow! Does a little twirl and spin. 173 more words

Kiddie Fashion

Day 40

On me:

  • Hair – Vanity Hair: Pajama Party-Dark Browns – Vanity Hair
  • Top – jk: Winter Coat – White – BABY – Just Kidding
  • Shorts – **Cute Bytes** BabyShorts – BABY – …
  • 45 more words

Chillin' By Da Pooools :o

So while me was layin out at da new pad wif mines sissy Rucks n Kilo

me thought time for a new mani/pedi!

So me got this mani/pedi called Ethereal… 122 more words

Cute Bytes

Cuuupids Draw Backs Yew Bow!

“cuuuupids draw backs yew boooow
and lets yew arroow gooooo
straight to mines lubbers heart for meeee”

so valentine’s day is tomorrows and well… 185 more words

Cute Bytes