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I went away for awhile.

My dog of 13 years died on January 28th. His name was Toby and he saved my life. We adopted him from the ASPCA in Maryland when I was in a day treatment program at Shepherd Pratt Hospital in August of 2002. 527 more words


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“I have to say I am glad to be back in Last Rock,” Toby said, adjusting the collar of his coat. 4,361 more words

I don't like snow!

Well, folks, I have decided that I don’t like snow.

I am glad mom doesn’t live any further north than we do – she told me to stop whining about our snow (3-4 inches) when the poor folks up north had 100 inches! 245 more words


A New Four Letter Word and It's the DUFF

Venturing off of my couch and into the world, I hit the theaters to watch the latest comedy ‘The Duff.’

We now have a new four letter word and it’s the… 488 more words


Sing a song of sixpence

Good morning kiddies! I’m hijacking the Sunday Funny Page again with one of my rhymes. Enjoy this one and keep all those redbirds away from your breakfast! 663 more words

Children's Stories

Justice by Toby

affklnkjsdbnkjgl;sangkljs’ankgl’vfnkjl… BAM-BAM

Now that I have bashed my keyboard to eviscerate some of the rage imbedded deep inside my tormented soul, I feel slightly at ease and in control. 1,006 more words