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A Bartender booked to work at The Grove Hotel in Hertfordshire last weekend is this afternoon answering questions from a selection of eminent scientists after inadvertently breaking the laws of physics on route to the job. 360 more words


The Kitten Kronicles

The Kitten Kronicles

Toby, 9 years ago!!!

PODCast|B&W Photography Project: Week #52

Photo Challenge

Examining Michael Scott's Seething Hatred For Toby Flenderson On 'The Office'

It’s no secret that Michael Scott despises Toby Flenderson with a burning hatred that any mental health professional would categorize as borderline psychotic. From Toby’s very first appearance on… 737 more words


Becky Holland: An obsession or oversharing?

Have you ever really looked at your Facebook newsfeed? Have you really looked at what your friends’ posts and how many times  they post certain things a day? 629 more words

Becky Holland

Season 1, Episode 15, "Jagged Little Pill"

Well here it is peeps. The season finale to the first season.

Pre-Credit Opener: Apparently Ashley and Toby are going to be left alone for the night because their parents are going to go away to Hedonism II. 2,154 more words


Murder At The Vicarage - Whodunit? (Part 4)

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The first thing I saw, when I opened my eyes, was John looking down at me.   1,137 more words


6 - 19

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“Y’know,” Gabriel mused, “when I pictured going on a dungeon adventure, I somehow imagined there would be more stabbing and less…accounting.” 2,916 more words